What The Hell Is… Project X


I've been literally getting 15-20 emails a day asking me two questions.

  1. When am I gonna come out with PROJECT X?
  2. What the hell is PROJECT X?

But what's funny is, besides going back and forth with Bedros on Twitter about how PROJECT X will dominate - This is the first time I have ever OFFICIALLY leaked anything out about it.

First, let me tell you WHY I created PROJECT X.

p14-2Here's what happened...

By now, you may have heard Internet marketing superstar Chris McCombs referring to me as the "GURU" OF GROUP TRAINING -

Hell, he'll even tell you that I was the guy that taught HIM how to do it right, when he was a trainer at my fitness studio.

And I'll tell you straight up, It felt damn good pulling in 250k a year while group training a measly 18 hours a week.

That is, until I accidentally stumbled upon PROJECT X.

But just for the record, it wasn't all me.

Bedros Keuilian had A LOT TO DO WITH IT!!!!

Don't get me wrong though, before I teamed up with Bedros, PROJECT X was already a monster money-making machine - Bedros just put wings, after-burners and sidewinder missiles on it...

He made it super-sonic $$


p14-4-5So to answer the question of what PROJECT X is, first let me tell you a little bit of what PROJECT X does.

  • Never again worry about websites, SEO or Internet marketing
  • Get a built in base of 250-2000 hot leads from day number one
  • Train 1-2 hours a day while easily pulling in six figures.
  • If you use just ONE of my automatic lead generation systems you can reach six figures in only 3 months
  • It can be grown to seven figures.
  • It is leveragable (meaning if you ever wanted to stop training you could - while STILL earning six-figures)
  • Creates massive amounts of freedom for you
  • Never again worry about having "security"
  • Spend WAY more time doing what YOU really want to do
  • Gives you a series of simple automatic lead generating systems
  • Prevents you from EVER getting burnt out.
  • Get clients AUTOMATICALLY - Even in your sleep
  • Gives you instant EXPERT and CELEBRITY status
  • Automatically gets you on the news several times a year
  • Get your clients the fastest most INSANE results ever
  • And that's just a glimpse of what PROJECT X DOES

p14-6And PROJECT X literally towers over EVERYTHING else out there.

Finally, you can taste the POWER and FREEDOM of easily making six-figures within 3 months - and only training clients 1-2 hours a day.

Finally, no more burning yourself out, working an INSANE amount of hours each and every week.

Finally a fitness business in-a-box that does EVERYTHING for you AUTOMATICALLY.

Finally someone GOT IT RIGHT!

But Just hang in there a little bit longer, PROJECT X is almost here.

And at the Fitness Business Summit 09 in May I will be pre-releasing a VERY LIMITED number of PROJECT X beta versions.

So get a HUGE jumpstart on your competition by being the first to get your PROJECT X

Even If you go to the summit and decide not to get your PROJECT X, at least you'll be prepared when this thing officially goes public.

I think there may be one or two spots left for the Fitness summit...


Click here to see if you can still get into the summit

Your friend,


Ps. you will seriously kick your own ass if you miss out on this.

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