Why The Hell Does Having A “Theme” Blast Your Boot Camp Sales Through The Roof?

p18-1Ok, let's jump right into this one...

Boot camp marketing and bringing TONS of friggin "energy" are WAY important when it comes to crank'n out six-figure boot camps.

So, what the hell does having a "theme" for your workouts have to do with anything?

Darn good question.

Here's just a small handful of the benefits you reap from doing what I call "theming" your boot camp workouts.

  • Clients work harder so they get faster results.
  • More referrals... WAY more!
  • You'll get mega respect from your clients.p18-2
  • Your boot camp workouts will "flow" much smoother.
  • You'll build MASSIVE trust and rapport with your boot camp members.
  • You'll "stay in your client's head" all day.
  • You'll become a topic around the "water cooler" at your clients work, resulting in referrals up the yin yang.
  • You'll be able to push and motivate even the most difficult pain in the butt clients.
  • You'll set YOUR boot camps far apart from other, way less cool, boot camps.
  • You'll look and feel WAY more professional and miles ahead of your "competition"

Here's a little video for you to learn all about how to "theme" your boot camp workouts like a true fitness guru.

Enjoy -

Ps.  Be sure to leave a comment with anything you would like to see me post about to help you ROCK your boot camps to 100k+

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