My 10 X 10 to $10K Method


I've got 2 KILLER boot camp marketing videos to show you about how you can EASILY create a $10k per month fitness boot camp in just 10 weeks.

And the best part is... It doesn't cost a dime!

It's called my 10 X 10 to $10K Method.

I just did a guest post on my buddy Chris McCombs fitness marketing blog about how it works....

But there's a very important part of my 10 X 10 to $10K Method that I didn't mention on my guest post.

This one simple thing will SKYROCKET your referrals when you add it my my 10 X 10 to $10K method.

But first, I'll show you the video I posted on Chris's blog (Just in case you haven't seen it yet)


Now, here's the little easy tip that will SKYROCKET your referrals when you use my 10 X 10 to $10K Method.


Now here's the email I promised you
(Just copy/paste and send it to your "hair dresser" Human Billboards)

Hey (Name),

Congratulations on your "Tone body for life" insurance policy 🙂

There are two ways to get the MAXIMUM benefits from my "Human Billboard" program.

... And depending on your goals and lifestyle, one of the options below will be a PERFECT fit for you.

Here they are...

#1 Workout  with me consistently, several times per week to skyrocket your energy, get  "skinny jeans" fit and maintain your maximum health.

#2 Just use me a s your "Fit Body" insurance policy for when you need to TONE IT UP fast for a special occasion like a trip, a wedding, a beach party... or anything.

Either way, I just wanted you to know that whether you use my services all the time, or just when you need to shed a quick 5-10 lbs... I'm here for you.

I'm pretty excited too, because I know this is gonna  be the perfect win-win relationship.

(After all Hair Stylests are the best referral sources 🙂

Here's my contact info

(Your Name)
(Your Phone Number)
(Your Email)
(Your Website)

Talk to ya real soon

(Your Name)

Ps.  Just let me know when you need some more plastic gift cards for you station


I'm so PUMPED for you to go out and make a KILLING with my simple strategy...

And if you want to GUARANTEE your success and have me take you by the hand step-by-step to a $10k per month (and more), boot camp, then register fro my one-on-one mentoring program

Once you're on board, you have me coaching and pushing you through all of my boot camp marketing strategies and systems.

I only have a few spots left, and I made a pretty INSANE offer to get started (it's impossible to say no) so they're gonna be gone fast.

You can learn more about my coaching program here



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