29 Success Tips For Fitness Professionals

Here are 29 tips that have helped me achieve massive business success

Enjoy 🙂

1. Be the CAUSE... Not the EFFECT454

2. Pull and push as many others UP... Never down

3. The more you help others get what they want... the more you'll get what you want

4. You're a Fighter Jet... Make sure you fly with other fighter jets... If you fly with propeller planes,
you'll have to slow down to their speed, and may even stall... Stay super-sonic

5. Go all out on the 5% that propels  your business forward... Out source the other 95%

6. Surround your self with people who make 10x's more money than you... You will automatically pick up their habits

7. Cut ALL negativity out of your life... Especially negative people

8. Spend MORE time outside of your comfort zonettt

9. DON'T try to reinvent the wheel... Find a proven formula and use it

10. Talk about your business to 10 more people a day than you do now... That's 300 more over 30 days... 3600 more over a year

11. Expect success... We get what we expect

12. Get a coach... Even Tiger Woods and Colby Bryant have coaches

13. Study direct response marketing 15 minutes a day

14. Constantly observe yourself... Do it right now

15. Get the Fit Body Boot Camp real business model for multiple 6-figure income streams

16. Find someone who you think is in a terrible situation, like a quadriplegic... Next time you feel like complaining, remember that guy would  do anything to have your "problems" (All feelings are based off of your perspective)


17. Know exactly how much you make per year, month, week, day... That which is measured can be multiplied

18. Write your top goals down, and carry them in your pocket daily

19. Make an effort to listen to your "gut"... Really listen... It's always rightfffff

20. Take calculated risks... Risk nothin, gain nothin

21. Stop waiting for it to be the "perfect time"... It never is

22. Want more... But appreciate what you have... You could be living in Afghanistan or Iraq

23. Know the difference between working "IN" your business and "ON" your business... (example, "In" = Training clients, book keeping, buying equipment, "On" = Marketing, finding other trainers to train your clients, creating systems) Most fitness professionals spend less than 5% of their time "ON" their business

24. Visualize your future... What will YOU be doing in 5 years... What will your life look like

25. Set specific, measurable goals

26. Raise your ENERGY

27. Get in touch with your "ID" (Your primal instinct!)

28. If you want a different result, start doing things differently than you've been doing,
if you keep doing the SAME things, you'll keep getting the SAME results.

29. Join Fit Body Boot Camp... The only "True" Boot Camp Business Model That Blasts
You To 6-Figures In 60 days, and Is Designed For Multiple Locations Run By Other Trainers


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