2 Holiday Fitness Marketing Tips

picture-19Here are two killer fitness marketing strategies to do around the holiday season (as in right now)

I go way into depth with Fit Body Boot Camp Members, but you can put these into action right away.

Ya see, most fitness professionals wait until the first of the year, and then offer a new years "special" promo.

So here's how to get jump start on the fitness marketing frenzy.

Offer a 21 day rapid fat loss challenge for just $97 bucks.

Here's why this is so cool:
1.  At $97 bucks, there is a very low cost barrier to entry.

2.  At just 21 days, it requires very little commitment.

3.  And most importantly, if you start it now, it will carry on THROUGH January 1st... Neutralizing your competition.

I also recommend that ya do an up-sell where you offer an additional 7 days for free, making it a 28 day program, if they agree to sign up and continue on your monthly program after the 28 days is up.

The other tip is to handout $100 plastic gift cards to your clients to use as holiday gifts for their friends.

Explain to your clients that you want to help them save mucho holiday shopping de nero' by giving away your gift cards as presents.

picture-22_transThat's an awesome way to get a TON of new referrals.

But WAAAY more important than fitness marketing, remember to love your family, because that's by far what really matters most!

Ok, have an AMAZING day!!

Steve :))

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