20 Killer Fitness Marketing Tips For Boot Camp 2.0

picture-21Hey, Steve here with 20 killer fitness marketing tips for boot camp 2.0

Ya know how ipods were really cool when they first came out, but then the next generation blew tho old one away?

The same holds true with fitness boot camps.

The old model used to be cool, but boot camp 2.0 leaves it in the dust.

And so you can explode YOUR boot camp, and leave your competition in the dust, I've put together 20 killer fitness marketing tips for boot camp 2.0


1. Use Auto Debit - Your not a bill collector or money chaser... Your a fitness professional, and a damned good one.

You'll have way less headaches and end up makeing a whole lot more cash-o-la with auto debit.

2. Find an "indoor" location - Boot camps are popping up EVERYWHERE, and city officials are starting to crack down on "unauthorized" boot camps in public and private parks.

Negotiate to rent space from cheer, gymnastic, dance and karate studios like in the Fit Body Boot Camp model.

Also no more dealing with cold, dark, damp mornings and wet shoes.3

3. Use Referral Tools - Arm your boot camp members with powerful referral tools like the $100 plastic gift cards.

4. Have cool referral incentives - It's EASY to offer killer referral incentives when your boot campers are on auto-debit.  You can reward them with "half off" their next month of boot camp.

I tell my boot campers that they get to train for free if they can bring me 2 sign ups a month 🙂

5. Use long term contracts - Lock your boot camp members in on 12 month auto-debit contracts.  It will hold them accountable and give you financial stability.

6. Penetrate your clients "inner circles" -  You'll be AMAZED by what connections your clients have. Use the questionnaire below



7. "Drop In" To Your Clients Offices - Ask your bootcamp members if ya can stop by there office and have them introduce you to there co workers... Make sure you bring a note pad for phone numbers and plenty of $100 plastic referral cards.

8. Find A Location With A "Built-In" Clientele -  That's why the Fit Body Boot Camp model uses Cheer, gymnastic, dance and karate studios - They have 400 to 4000 moms there... As Fit Body Boot Camp Member Michael Duivis says, "They're like sitting ducks!"

9. Talk To 20 People A Day For 30 Days - If you talk to 20 people a day about joining your boot camp as a regular member, free Human Billboard or a paid Human Billboard, at the end of one month, you'll have talked to 600 people - Very powerful!

_dsc00826_trans_sm10. Give Away Hundreds Of Dollars Of Other Peoples Services As Lead Generators - Ask Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, tanning salons and other business to give one of their services to your new prospects for free... When ya line up about 5 free services, you can offer over $300 in bonuses to get new prospects to try out your boot camp.

And you'll also be helping drive traffic to the other businesses.

11.  Do A Multiple Referral Contests - Every couple of months, do a referral contest - But do it the right way!

Arm your boot camp members with referral tools ($100 plastic referral cards) and email ALL your boot campers the stats of who's in 1st place, 2nd place etc... This will make the member in 1st place work extra hard to stay there, and the members in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th bust their butts to catch up to first.

12.  Do A Fund Raiser - Let schools, and Cheer, Gymnastic, Dance and Karate studios sell your plastic gift cards to rais money for their events.  Donate 100% of the profits to them.  This strategy will give you FREE distribution of your $100 gift cards straight into the hands of people who are willing to pay for them 🙂

13. Do A 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Boot Camp For $97 Bucks - This is a great way to get new and past boot camp members in the door.  For $97 (Low cost low commitment) the get to go as many times as they want to your boot camp.

When they first come in, you up-sell them by offering to extend it from 21 to 28 days on the condition that if they like it, after the 28 days they will be automatically become a regular priced auto-debit member - Unless they cancel before the 28 days is over.

14. Sign Up 21 Human Billboards For 6 Months For Just One Payment Of $299 - This is way cool because not only will you have $6279 in your pocket, but you'll have 21 people who "owe" ya referrals - Kinda like a mini sales force.

15. 3333Have A Sales Website With A Headline, Lots Of Social Proof, And A Call To Action - Make sure you have an attention getting headline that "connects" with your ideal client.  Also, load it up with testimonials and before & after pics.  Include a clear "call-to-action".

16. Use My 10x10 Method - Give 10 hair dressers a week for 10 week, free memberships to your boot camp in exchange for putting your $100 dollar plastic gift cards on their station, and handing them out to their clients.

At the end of 10 weeks you'll have 100 hair dressers referring ya clients.

17. Put 20 Lead Boxes In Local Businesses - The key is to tell the owner or manager that you will give them every name and email that get dropped into your lead-box to help them "build their list"

If you just get 5 leads a month per box, that's 100 hot new leads each month.

18. Advertise For Free On CraigsList - The best places to advertise are classes, lessons, general, activities, and beauty.

19. Advertise Your Referrals - I call this my "Referral Snowball Method".  When ever ya get a referral, send an email to your ENTIRE list with a ps. Thanks you for your referral (name) you just earned you next month of boot camp at half price.

20. rr Show MASSIVE amounts of APPRECIATION - Never underestimate the power of showing honest appreciation to your boot camp members each and every day.

They'll love ya for it and reward ya with TONS of referrals 🙂

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Also, leave some of your own KILLER Fitness marketing tips below 🙂

Rock on!

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