31 Boot Camp Marketing Tips

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1.   It's Show Time

Treat your fitness boot camp like a show!  You're not teaching a boot camp, you're giving a friggin performance...  Act like the MAIN EVENT

2.  Bring the ENERGY!

It's the difference between a good boot camp and a great boot camp. It's the difference between your boot camp and the one down the street.  Anyone can stand there and count reps.

Pretend you're on a TV show in front of the nation... And friggin BRING IT!

3.  Stay Vertical

Demonstrate exercises without getting on the ground... Not everyone can hear or see you and it takes to long...  Plus it sucks when people are standing around so

p40-24.  Go A.P.E.


Give each and every client MASSIVE appreciation every workout,

Stay passionate by constantly learning new kick butt workouts.

And bring the enthusiasm by linking your boot camp to achieving your life dream.

5.  Be the Alpha Male Of The Group (AMOG)

And that means FEMALE instructors too... Yep that's right...

You're clients, especially the female ones, naturally follow the AMOG's.  So be the AUTHORITY.

(Tip) Make needless corrections... like telling your clients to move their feet in ½ an inch...  Clients will work harder... and get better results... If they're CONVINCED you're the AMOG authority!

p40-36. Change Up Your Voice

Don't just use your same old boot camp voice.  Just like music change up your tones.
Ever been in a spin or aerobics class... Same voice... Never changes.  (No beano)

Some times you scream like a maniac, then bring it down... Then get in someone's ear and whisper (you're gonna kick ass today... I believe in you)

Your not a drill sergeant... You're a SUPER MOTIVATOR!  You're the best.

p40-47.  Make'm Feel Special

Make TONS of eye contact, like your look'n into their soul... Most boot camp instructors don't do that. 

8.  Say "Thank You"

I don't mean a big blanket thank you like, "Thanks everybody, see you next time."

You need to work it like they just saved your mama's life. "Thank you so much, I appreciate your work today. YOU ROCKED it!  I can't wait to see you next workout."

You can't really say thank you enough. Over-exaggerate it. Not just once a month. Not once a week. Every ... single ... workout.

p40-59.  Referral Mind Control Method

After the close and they officially sign up, it's time for the Referral Mind Control Method.

This super secret Ninja Technique will get you so many referrals it will blow your friggin mind.

Say this

"Oh Shay, before you leave I forgot to tell you one thing. Ninety percent of my clients come from personal referrals, so make this agreement with me right now. As I help YOU achieve your goals, can I count on you to refer one or two of your friends so that I can achieve my goals, too?"

Now shake her hand and tell her, "We have a deal."
(Touch her shoulder too...)

Here's why this works...

When you first meet someone there's a new neural connection in the brain is formed - and it's almost unbreakable... Everything that happens on that  first day becomes part of that new neural connection.

Now your clients going to be compelled to go out like a robot and refer you TONS boot camp clients with out even knowing why.

p40-610.  Remember to KISS

KISS stands for Keep It Super Simple, and it means STAY AWAY from complicated exercises that take forever to explain...  They'll suck the ENERGY right out of your boot camp.

11.  Theme Your Workouts

Give a motivational theme for each workout like...  "Today, the theme is commitment... Even though you're gonna feel like you can't... Commit to doing just 1 more... Now high five me if I have your commitment..."

Then use them to motivate your boot campers throughout the workout!

12.  Knowing When to Quit

Sometimes a workout seems like a good idea in your head, but it sucks when you do it... When that happens just scrap it and move on...

13.  No One Left Behind

Never have people waiting while slower clients finish... Everyone feels uncomfortable.

14.  Go-to Exercises

You never want to let your boot camp members see you thinking of what to do next... Weather you've been up all night planning the workout or not - Make it look like you did...

Have your "Go-to" exercises to fall back on if you blank out for a second and need a moment to think of what to do next...

15.  Don't take any Sh%t

If you're clients ever try to correct your count, say... "I was only counting the perfect ones."  Works every time LOL

p40-716 . Burn Out The Big Dudes

If you have some really strong dudes in your boot camp - But you have light weights, burn'em out first.

For example... Have them hit 50 pushups before doing light dumbbell press... or have them hold walk 50 yards holding dumbbells at a 90% angle before doing curls.

Kill'em before each exercise... They'll be putty in your hands.

17.  Remember Their Names

One of the key things to having a successful boot camp is to have a deep connection with everyone in your boot camp.

When you first meet a new client.. Make up a name that rhymes... Like, Trim Kim...

18.  The In-Class Testimonial

During a workout, you might say, "Shay, what kind of results have you seen. How much weight have you lost?" Maybe she says she's lost 12 pounds and it's only been a month. "Awesome job," you say. "Hey everyone, I just want to say one thing real quick. Shay has already lost 12 pounds this month. Awesome job, Shay."

That totally pumps up your client and provides social proof to everyone else.

19.  Time And Numbers

Always give your clients a time or number of reps... They'll work A LOT harde

p40-820.  DON'T Have Boot Camps that Have Beginning and End Dates

If you have a boot camp that has a beginning date and an ending date, then you don't allow people to join when they want to join, and that's when they're hot and bothered and ready to go. That means you're going to really significantly cut your income.

Also, having boot camps that end and then have something like a two-week break is really is going to hurt the amount of people who come back, because they're going to have to sign up all over again. It's too easy in those two weeks - or even on week - to get out of the routine and not come back, which puts you in a position of constantly having to recruit new clients.

A HUGE mistake is having a beginning or an ending to your boot camp. Do not do that. They should be ongoing, auto-debit continuity programs.

(If you want to take breaks... Have other trainers teach your boot camps like in the Fit Body Boot Camp Model)

21.  Use Auto Debit (EFT)
Do you want to be a bill collector??? Nuff said.

p40-922.   Showing Up Late

Don't ever, ever, ever show up late.


23.   Set Goals

If you just get up in the morning and train at a boot camp because you have clients there, that's the worst reason.

You definitely want to set a goal. You want to set multiple goals, even goals that are way off into the future, and you want to link them all back to this one step, which is growing your boot camps. That's going to take you one step closer to your goals.

So now when you're teaching your boot camp, you're not doing something just to do it. You are achieving your life's dream.  Big difference.

p40-1024.  Have A DIRECT RESPONSE SALES Website

I see so many crappy websites out there, and I just think to myself, "Man, this trainer just wasted about $5,000-$8000 on a website, and it's not going to make him one dime."

It looks good, and they probably got a lot of compliments from their friends, but my question is this: "Does it do anything? Does it make your clients buy?"

If the answer to that is "No," then my question is: "Why the heck do you have it?"

25.  Don't Be A Poser

That's right, I said, "A Poser." People don't go to boot camps because they want to be in the military. They go to boot camps because they want to lose weight.

I see a lot of people who have never been in the military all of a sudden put on camouflage fatigues, a sergeant hat and some combat boots, and now they think they're suddenly a p40-11Marine or something. That's embarrassing.

26.  Take Before And After Pics

27.  Get Video Testimonials

28.  Have a System for rewarding clients for referrals.

I give my clients half off their next months auto debit for each referral... I tell them to refer me 2 client a month and never pay for boot camp again.

It's FREE boot camp marketing.

30.  Survey Your Clients

Getting direct feed back is one of the best client retention tools... I use surveymonkey.com... It's free and way easy to use.

p40-1231.  Give Your Clients Referral Tools

By far the best boot camp marketing referral tool so far is my PLASTIC GIFT CARD.

It looks just like a credit card and I give hundreds of them to my clients to give o their friends.

If you don't like humongous boot camps then DO NOT use my plastic referral cards...

Be sure to let me know what tips YOU liked the best and leave some of YOUR own juicy ones too 🙂

Talk to ya soon


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