The Boot Camp Accountability Formula

Hey - Steve here with a killer guest post from my man Ben Corliss.

Ben has very out-of-the-box way to keep his client's accountability sky high, and he was cool enough to share it.

Aaaand Heeeeer's BEN >>>

Hey Steve!

Here's my Attendance Accountability Agreement I told you about on facebook.

This came about for a couple reasons:

1. Something I hear ALL the time from people is "I need motivation"


2. I absolutely HATE all the bullshit excuses people come up with for why they

"don't have time to work out!"

So this little formula addresses both of those issues, it definitely helps motivate

people to keep showing up to class AND it makes them think a lot harder about

their excuses and makes them schedule their plans around their workout rather

than schedule their workout around their plans

There's a couple ways you can do it.

The easiest way is if you have some kind of software that tracks your member's attendance, or you can do what I like to call "the ghetto way"

It's basically just a role sheet spreadsheet for each week with every member on it and I require them to check in each class.

But either way works.

My fee is $4.50, and I charge $95 a month for my memberships which equates to $4.50

a class so their fee is actually the price of the class they missed, BUT since they are

paying for the class anyway, if they miss a class they actually wind up paying DOUBLE

for that class!!!

As you can see, if someone starts skipping out regularly, those fees can add up pretty quickly!

I allow them to cancel this agreement at anytime for a cancellation fee of $120 (which is

simply the amount that they save over the course of their 12 month membership, so bascially

they are just paying back their discount)

I don't require people to enter into this agreement, it is purely optional, however I have found

that it works really well because members like being held accountable.

People hate be charged fees and sometimes the fact of skipping something they are paying for isn't enough...

...But knowing they are being charged a fee for missing class makes them a lot more likely to come.

And the more people you have in class the better (empty restaraunt principle) AND the better results your members will receive, which also promotes the effectiveness of your boot camp!

Plus it definitely gives people something to tell their friends about! And it absolutely cuts a LOT of bullshit excuses out of the picture!!!

And of course the fact that you are getting paid additional $$$ for NOT training people is kinda cool too!!!

Ben was SUPER COOL and wanted to share his Accountability Agreement below...

Attend a minimum of 1 class a day, 5 days a week and receive a $10 discount every month for the length of your B.U.F.F. Boot Camp Membership!

For every class you miss you will have an accountability charge of $4.50 auto debited from your account.

*CANCELLATION POLICY:  B.U.F.F. Boot Camp member must give notice of cancellation of this agreement by Email to at least 5 business days before their regular debit date. (Please note… Even if you notify your instructor, you still are required to send an email to Save a record of this email to serve as your cancellation receipt.

I certify that I have fully read and understand the terms of this Agreement and will comply with the contents herein.  B.U.F.F. Boot Camp Members entered into this agreement are subject to a $120 cancellation fee to cancel this agreement early.

Signature_________________________________ Date __________________

Ben Corliss is an expert personal trainer and owns B.U.F.F Boot Camp in Evans Colorado.

Thanks for sharing this ben... YOU truly ROCK!
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