7 Ways To Get More Personal Training Clients

Having a solid online presence for your Fitness Boot Camp Business is very important.

Below, I list the seven strategies that you must apply in order to dominate your local community online.

You might glance over and think that you have these taken care of but read through as you will find that the rabbit whole goes a little deeper to properly implement them.

1 – Google Places
Having a well setup Google Places account is a critical part for your fitness marketing strategy in this day and age. It’s the yellow pages equivalent of 10 years ago.

Google Places is so critical that I recommend that you hire a specialized company to set it up professionally for you.

Unless you are an Fit Body Boot Camp owner, in which case FBBC sets it up for you with always taking into consideration the latest tweaks implemented by Google.

2 – Yelp!
Yelp has been a second place in importance when compared to Google places up until now.

So what changed? Well, Apple just “dumped” Google places for the Maps App on all iOS devices, meaning iPads and iPhones.

It now uses Yelp for information and reviews of local businesses. That’s huge! For starters Yelp! users have a higher income than Google searches. On the same token, iPhone owners tend to be more financially capable.

3 – Yahoo / Bing
In the search engine ranking, Yahoo and Bing come in second and third after Google. Google has roughly 60% of the market and Yahoo and Bing have around 15% each.

Although Google’s dominance is towering over its competitors, it is important to focus on those valuable 30%. I predict Yahoo and Bing will pretty soon team up one way or another.

In recent news, they have joined forces on the Ad front. Check out http://adcenter.microsoft.com/. Bing local services failed miserably so far but Yahoo is going strong.

If you are starting a personal training business, placing Ads on these networks is a good strategy to adopt while your website is not ranking naturaly also something to consider since it is cheaper than Google.

4 – Facebook
Facebook is a great way to get into different areas ofinfluence that you wouldn’t have a chance otherwise.

They are still facing the “how the heck do we money?” question so they are finding extremely cool ways to make it very easy and affordable for you do get your word across as a business, like the new “Offer” feature that is currently being tested and will be rolled out to all soon.

At Fit Body Boot Camp we give you the complete package, including Fan Page setup, landing pages for lead capturing, Ads crafting and managing and more.

5 – Daily Deal Sites
These sites are super trendy right now but unfortunately many business, mainly service providers like the fitness industry have got it all wrong!

Instead of focusing on the long term possibilities that the huge influx of qualified leads brings, these fitness businesses are being shortBoot Camp Marketing_Daily_Deal sighted and are thinking like the product sellers out there.

They are simply focusing on “how much money can I make from this daily-deal?” When the real focus should be to give these deal-hunters a home so they can settle and finally find results.

Over the past 7 months Fit Body Boot Camp has been running monthly daily-deals for our franchise owners. In some cases the conversion ratios from these daily-deal prospects to ongoing clients are up to 45%.

This system has been so successful that FBBC create a program were we take care of all details of the daily-deal program for you so you have to only focus on delivering amazing results and converting the prospect into clients following our methods.

6 – Website
Duh!... Or is it? A lot of businesses have a very sloppy website. Here are the things to consider when creating your website.

Hire a designer! For the same reason that you work out and want to have a good looking body you should have a good looking website.

Host it on a fast server and make sure its navigation is fluid and concise. If it is neither, Google won’t like it and your site will not rank.

I’m sure you heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and what it boils down to is to make sure your site is designed and built over a strong foundation that complies with the search engines specifications.

When your site accomplishes being beautiful, concise and easy to navigate, hosted on a reliable and fast server, SEO ready, it will be found naturally on the search engines. At Fit Body Boot Camp, this is the first thing we develop for you.

On top of accomplishing all of the above, we also perform off-site SEO, which makes not only your main site but all other sites related to your business like your Google Places, YouTube Videos, Facebook Page, etc, rank for over 20 specific fitness boot camp business most searched keywords.

7 – Email List
Having a warm and active email list of followers is something that you MUST have.

Fitness Email Marketing_FitProNewsletterThis process that takes a lot of time and effort but, again, when done right can pay off big time.

It is probably the strategy that is misunderstood the most by Boot Camp Business Owners.

To get started you need a proper email marketing tool, and in the fitness industry, nothing gets even close to Fit Pro Newsletter. It will take all the technicalities of the job out of the your mind.

Not only that, it also come with pre-written campaigns that you can make your own and once a week, it sends an email to your list with amazing content helping you to keep your list warm. FBBC owners get a nice discount for Fit Pro Newsletter!

Learn more about Fit Body Boot Camp and see if a franchise opportunity is right for you.

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