The New “Jordan Sticker Shock Human Billboard Method”



So, I got this text from my Vip Coaching Coaching Client Jordan Kunde-Wright (See on the right) and I KNEW it was pure brilliance..

You can use the "Jordan Sticker-Shock Close" in person or even on the phone, but it works best right after a potential Human Billboard comes to your boot camp and tries out your workout.

Now, at 2:56 into the video, Jordan reveals the exact words that he uses to "close" Human Billboards (Often for double the normal HB rate!)

And the crazy part is that he stumbled upon this technique completely by accident.

But I'd bet just about anything that if he wasn't such a massive action taker he would never have discovered this, and he wouldn't be sharing it with you know.

The concept is that if an average boot camp charges around $200 per month, the Human billboard rate would be a 75% discount of that, so $50 per month, but they would pay up front for 6 months so it's $300.

Jordan tells them that normally 6 months is $1200, but they can have the HB 50 percent discount of $600 paid up front for 6 months.

If they resist, he offers to break the $600 into two payments of $300.

If they still resists, he says, ok, because you are so (fill in the bank for a word meaning awesome) I'll do it for just one payment of $300 for the whole six months (Which is the normal HB rate anyway)

In fact Jordan is so friggin cool that he emailed me this flow chart below for you to see how the whole thing goes down.

And here's the Human Billboard 3.0 "Gap Control" Script...

You: Hey (name) it’s (your name), how have you been.

Them: Good thanks, how about you.

You: Hey, for a survey, would it be ok I asked if you are you doing anything for fitness right now that’s getting amazing, mind blowing, brag to your friends, ridiculously incredible fitness results for you? (say this with a little humor)

Them: lol no…

You: Ok so, what is your fitness goal? Is it to lose weight, feel better, look better, lose inches?

Them: I want to lose about 10 or 15 pounds…. Or they may say all of the above…. Etc

You: That’s cool, how can you tell you need to lose 10 or 15 pounds is it the way your clothes fit, the way you feel etc (Just dig deep with what ever they say to agitate the pain. Also spoon feed them the answers like, is it the way you feel, the way your clothes fit etc)

Them: Well, my pants are getting tight and I just don’t feel so good.

You: (Dig deeper, ask what pants, or where they were when they felt uncomfortable… Dig dig dig)

You: I understand… Hey, if you were going to be completely honest, would you say that each month you are slowly losing weight, or slowly gaining weight?

Them: Well, probably slowly gaining weight.

You: Oh man, well I’m really glad I called you because I may have the perfect win-win for both of us.

I’m looking for a few people who I can train at a huge discount, well almost free, and they can just sort of spread the “buzz” around about my boot camp as long as they’re getting amazing results.

Would you be cool with spreading the buzz if I helped you lose that 10 to 15 pounds?

Them: That sounds awesome.

You: (set them up for an appointment, don’t talk about money until they show up to your boot camp)

Now, the most important part of the Human Billboard "Gap Control" script is to get THEM to tell you how much pain they are in regarding their fitness situation.

Think of it like a piece of fruit that you would wait to pick when it's nice and ripe.

For instance, if you ask a potential HB What their fitness goals are, and they say to lose 15 to 20 pounds, they are still green.

To get them "ripe" you'd ask how they know it's 15 to 20 pounds, is it the way their close fit, they way they feel or they way they look?


This one girl told me that she felt uncomfortable in her black dress at a party.

I asked what part of her body did she feel uncomfortable about.

She said the back of her arms.

I asked what she did about that at the party.

She stood against the wall the whole time so no one would look at the back of her arms.

WOW, could you imagine that?

I asked how it made her feel.

She said it made her feel UGLY and EMBARRASSED.

Ok... Noooooow she's ripe.

Jordan is a personal trainer in Minneapolis, MN 55419 and is one hell-of-a cool guy with an abundant mindset. Thank you Jordan for being such a giver and sharing this with the entire fitness industry!

Get it?

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