(Answered) Your Fitness Marketing Questions

1. Michael Glatter

I bill all of my clients using authorize.net.

How do I ensure that when my employees take the client's credit card information that they do not steal it?

All of the transactions are done on a computer that isn't in the gymnastics facility that I'm renting. What is the best way to gather their credit card information on the spot and make sure that their privacy is protected?

Currently, we have the client write down their credit card information on the section where they approve us to bill their credit card monthly and then after inputting their information into authorize.net, I will use a black permanent marker to cover all but the last four digits of their credit card number. Is there a better way?

2. Lindsey Kelly

Hi Steve,
I am writing on behalf of Courtney Rowsell with Love Yourself Lean. Courtney is a coaching client of Sam Bakhtiar and was in contact with you regarding $100 bootcamp Gift Cards in the past.

You had referred her to a company that you recommended for the gift cards.  She is now running out and that company has gone out of business.

I am wondering if you are dealing with someone new now? If so do you have some contact information that we could use to follow suit!

Thanks so much for your help.
Lindsey Kelly 
Love Yourself Lean

3. Mason Doherty

Hey Steve Mason Doherty here from Australia how are you man?

First let me start by saying I love your stuff man it’s all awesome and some really cool ideas. I love it dude keep it up.

Any way what I’m wanting to know is if you would help me in building my email list.

I’m not sure how to actually build this up.
I’m working with a business coach here in Aus and he is doing an awesome job with me. Helping me to systemize my bootcamps so that anyone can run it if I was away so I can make money when I’m not there.

So I don’t want to ditch him as he is awesome as and has got me a long way so far. But I thought maybe you might have a few tips that I could have on building and awesome email list that I can market to. ATM all the email scripts do nothing for me as I have about 50 on my list so far I write blogs, am on youtube and have a site.

Also if you could give me a few tips on how you go about systemizing your bootcamps the moment you get a lead to signing them on the the training part etc.

Mason - Storm Fit Fix
Live Life Without Regret

Hope ya got some good info outta this episode of Question Time and keep dominating 🙂

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