Does Fit Body Boot Camp Work In The U.K.

Hey George Anderson here...

Before I ever even contacted Steve about coaching I had subscribed to his blog for about a year.

I was fascinated with how easy things seemed to be to grow a Bootcamp business in the U.S. compared to the UK.

You see, I was struggling to attract new members to my 7 strong Bootcamp no matter what I did.

When I worked out how much it was going to cost in terms of new members to hire Steve as a coach it was something like 4, so I decided to give it a shot and see how these “American strategies” could be applied to the UK market.

6 months later I hit 50 members, and now I’m on track for 75 by the end of February.

I’ve got ALL the same “American” marketing strategies in place and guess what?

They’re all working!

Actually there’s still room for improvement.

I’ve only got 5 Human Billboards instead of 20, and only 20 lead boxes out instead of 50.

I only do body fat testing every now and then and I only have about 100 plastic gift cards in circulation instead of 1000.

I don’t have Facebook ads set up yet and my website still only brings in a couple of leads a week.

But the fact is that these systems work wherever you are in the world (at least they do in the UK!) because when you boil it down people are people.

They still have the same issues, objections, requirement for appreciation and need for value and all Steve’s system do is tap into that and persuade them to come along to your Bootcamp!

After a few months of coaching on my “normal” Bootcamp I decided to switch to the Fit Body Boot Camp.

The systems are exactly the same as I now have in place, with a few little bonuses to make it even easier to run...

(and the DVD box set you get when you sign up is unreal!)

but there was one major reason why it made good business sense to switch.

I’ve watched the Fit Body Boot Camp model grow rapidly in the States...

I’ve seen those guys put two other franchise models out of business and they dominate the Bootcamp scene in America.

I know what their plans are for expansion overseas and I know that it’s going to grow just as fast in the UK.

Why would I want to compete against that?

For a few hundred dollars a month (another 3 or 4 members) I not only get to use the cool FBBC branding and marketing machine but I also get to safeguard my areas from anybody else opening up one.

If you’re a trainer in the UK and considering how this American business model may work for you but aren’t sure about how it would translate to the British market, email me and I’d be happy to tell you all about it!

You can email me with any questions at

Talk to you soon,

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