Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise Cost

Imagine you are getting ready to go somewhere …somewhere you have never been before. This place is said to be SCARY…all kinds of people and situations that could hurt you…emotionally, physically and DEFINITELY financially. You’re nervous…unsure if you are really up for the challenge…you start second guessing yourself and eventually decide…SCREW IT, and you don’t go.

You just stay where you are, in a place that is comfortable, that you control and while it may not be as exciting as the place you were gonna go, at least you know nothing bad will happen.

Now, imagine you were going to go to that SAME place, but this time, you had a few friends with you. These friends have been to this place before and they can tell you EXACTLY what is going to happen…exactly what to do and what to say so that not only does nothing bad happen to you, but plenty of AMAZING things happen, enriching your life, making you have the best time you have ever had and you come out of the experience a better, more successful and extremely more fulfilled person…yeah, that second scenario sounds pretty cool, huh?

IN case you haven’t figured it out yet, these scenarios are awesome analogies to the world of owning your own business (yeah and in this case, we are talking about owning your own boot camp business!).

Owning a business of ANY kind is scary and can be especially so in the world of fitness. You know there are upsides to working for yourself and doing so in an industry that you love, but there are SOOOO many downsides! To name just a few things you will have to think about and do…

  • Come up with a name
  • Lock into a business model that will be profitable
  • Build a website that converts
  • Get your business info in front of potential clients
  • Interact on social media sites in a way that compels others to give your boot camp a try
  • Offer fitness programs that GET RESULTS (yep, that’s a BIGGIE)
  • Create an experience that ensure clients stay, refer others and keep paying month after month…
  • And…about 273 OTHER things you have to do that are CRUCIAL for your survival in the fitness boot camp game…

It is this long (and growing list) of STUFF that you have to take care of that leads many people to shut down their fitness boot camp before any real success and many more to decide NOT to start in the first place.

BUT…what if you had that group of friends we mentioned above that could walk you through EVERY bullet point that exists and provide a path that leads from the start of your boot camp to the end goal of operating a profitable, fun, and rewarding fitness business with few of the hazardous bumps and bruises that those who go it alone experience?

Enter Fit Body Boot Camp.

Fit Body Boot Camp was created to walk first time boot camp owners through the process of startup to the point of incredible profitability. It was designed to take the GUESSWORK out of the business and replace it with sound, proven, and wildly successful plans, systems, and procedures so you aren’t walking along in the dark on a path to the unknown, but instead are walking hand in hand (pretty much LITERALLY) with a team of people who are committed to seeing your business SUCCEED…and not just succeed in terms of paying the bills, but succeed in terms of giving you and your family every bit of success you have always dreamed of. Sounds pretty cool, but you probably want a few specifics, huh? Makes sense…

Ok, so FBBC is a franchise, and the word FRANCHISE scares the crap out of a lot of people! They think huge upfront fees, paying a percentage of profits, having to do things THEIR way…all kinds of STRINGS attached…well, not so much with Fit Body Boot Camp.

See, we are exactly like you…fitness is our passion, and we have been EXACTLY where you are. This is not some stuffy suit corporate behemoth where a bunch of chubby dudes sit around a table deciding how they are gonna milk their clients.

We get excited about helping others achieve the same levels of success we did…we just know that with our guidance, they can do so a lot more quickly, and with a LOT less out of pocket expense! So, instead of some ginormous upfront fee and then grabbing a chunk of your profits, so what is the cost of a Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise and how does it work?

$9997 upfront fee (which in many cases can be split into smaller payments WITHOUT an added fee)

$497 monthly franchise fee

That’s it.

Now, when someone compares the above numbers with typical franchise fees, well, there’s no comparison. We have done the homework and made ALL the mistakes so you will never have to. We give you a business model that WILL work, has worked, and because we are constantly tweaking it to make it better, will probably ALWAYS work!

We are talking from discussion to incredibly rewarding financial success…all there for the taking. And as for the fees, well, most franchise models require huge startup fees (ANY national gym or fitness franchise will  run into the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars just for the upfront fee) and they also ask for a PERCENTAGE of your revenue.

So in effect, the more successful you get, the more you are penalized by having to pay increasingly higher fees. So, if your boot camp starts pulling in 20k per month (VERY common by the way) and your franchise fee was 6%-8% (again, very common) then you are giving away $1200-$1600 EVERY month! Ours would still be just $497. Oh, and if, like some of your FBBC owners you are pulling in $40,000 or more…you would still be paying $497…

Look, the bottom line is, you can ABSOLUTELY go it alone. Many do, some succeed, but a ridiculously higher percentage fail. It’s scary, it’s hard, and mistakes are expensive. Why worry about trying to figure it out on your own when we have created a system that provides a veritable blueprint for boot camp success.

Yeah…it really CAN be that simple. If you want to be your own boss, doing what you love, and own THE killer boot camp in your city, then why not grab a plan of proven success? FBBC will be there every step of the way, and greatly improve your chances for success.

If owning a profitable fitness boot camp has been your dream, then FBBC CAN make it happen…fill out an inquiry today and be on your way to owning a wildly successful boot camp business tomorrow. FBBC is ready to help make your dreams come true…are YOU?


Learn more about Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise Cost and see if there are territories available in your area.

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