Fitness Marketing Hero’s

picture-421picture-46So I'm feeling pretty fired up right now.

And instead of talking about boot camp marketing and fitness marketing to make money, I'm gonna plead with you to learn ALL the client getting secrets that you can so you can help STOP this child abuse.

Sure, the money and material things are great, but having your fitness marketing dialed in is about HELPING MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF PEOPLE!

That's why we became fitness professionals in the first place right.

Before IĀ  jump on a plan and head back to Cali from speaking at the Fitness Info Summit in Orlando Florida, I'm gonna TELL and SHOW you why I you to be a kick ass fitness marketer.

I took my family to Disney World and I saw something terrible, and it's happening all over America.

Parents are shoving the same disgusting and poisonous crap down their kids mouths that made them (the parents) OBESE!


I know they HAVE to LOVE their kids... RIGHT?

Well then seriously... W... T...F!

(I just realized I'm probably gonna break my laptop from hitting the keys so friggin hard... BUT I'M PISSED!)

I know the excuse is that maybe they just DON'T KNOW ANY BETTER.

But how can they NOT know???

If they weigh 300+ pounds, and have to waddl when they walke, or even worse, use a motorized wheel chair just to get around, then how the hell can they think that the same thing wont happen to their kids?


I took some pics with my iphone so you can see why I'm FREAKING OUT!


It' one thing if adults want to destroy their health and cripple their body, but don't expect us to just stand here and let it happen.

Next time you're putting the boot camp and fitness marketing tactics, systems and strategies from this blog to use in your business...

Remember, it's not just about the money, or the recognition, or the freedom...

It's about saving kids lives...

We are real American heroes.

And we are in this together.

PLEASE leave a comment with what you are going to do to HELP the children, and if there is ANYTHING I can do to help you with our mission.

picture-48But before you do anything... Check this out!

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ROCK ON Fit Pros
Steve -

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32 Comments "Fitness Marketing Hero’s"

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