How graphic design can completely revolutionize your fitness Marketing

picture-13Heeeeeey Steve here and I hope you had a AMAZING Christmas!!

Lot's of food, family and friends 😀

Today I have a guest post from an ultra-talented graphic designer who actually "gets" how to make a sale.

Here name is Lou Levit from Unexpected Ways LLC and she also happens to be the girlfriend and business partner of my evil copy writing little bro David Tendrich

So with out further ado... Here's Lou!

Hi everyone, it's Lou from Unexpected Ways LLC,

I’ve noticed that a lot of people really undermine the importance of good graphic design and what it can do for their business. In this blog post, I hope to show you a new way to look at design, so if you don’t already, you can see how and why it can revolutionize your business more than you’ve ever imagined.

A while ago I was listening to this marketing presentation and towards the end the guy said: “…and then you give it to your graphics guy to throw in some cool graphics in and you’re good to go.”

That inspired me to write this post.

Let me explain:
Graphics guy ≠ cool graphics

Graphic designer = creative person + sales person + marketing person + psychologist

Design combines images, words, fonts, colors, etc. to show the core of who you are – it gives people a gut feeling about your business and guides them to trust and hire you. That way you can attract only the exact kind of people you want to work with, become more successful, and have more time for the things in life that make you truly happy.

See, good graphic design:
• Tells people about your business in a way words never will
• Reduces the doubt people have when they buy from you
• Defines your business in one glance
• Instantly sets you apart from your competition
• Hits your ideal customer on a gut level within the first few seconds and gets them to take action
• Is the reason you choose Coke over store-brand soda
• Is so integrated into your daily life that, ironically, you may not even notice it – from tooth paste to billboards to the t-shirt you put on today

Graphic design gives you a mind-blowing amount of power over your success. Good design can increase your sales by far more than 100%. It can in fact increase them by 101%. That’s because it gives you complete control over how you want people to feel when they think about your business.

This is why connecting to people emotionally is better than cartoons on a Sunday morning –

It boils down to the two reasons people buy anything in the first place:

1. People want to feel excitement
They buy new things to recreate that thrill.

2. People want to feel unique
People want your weight loss solution to be the one that’s different from all the others – the one that’s finally going to make a positive difference in their lives.


So, if you get people excited about your business, make them feel like you’re the ultimate solution to their problem, and deliver; you’ve got yourself a customer for life. Period

And the way to do that, my friend, is first and foremost with design. It’s the difference between telling someone you’re going to punch them in the stomach, and actually doing it.

Now watch this exclusive video of Lou doing a fitness marketing design critique!

Click below to watch a video critique of a long copy sales page:

picture-7Lou Levit is the co owner of Unexpected Ways LLC and is a sales design expert.
She wanted me to let ya know that she is going to do a FREE 20 minute professional design critique for the first 7 motivated fitness professional who contact here

Be sure and leave Lou a comment about her guest post....

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