How To Be Relentless!


I'm putting this post up from the Fitness Business Summit where my coaching clients and Fit Body Boot Camp owners are friggin KILLING in in their business and living the life of their dreams.

One of my coaching clients Paul Mort just had a $25,000 day!

Fit Body Boot Camp Owner John Thompson had an $8,800 month a last month and finished this month at just under $14,000!

(And btw... He's only 21 years old!!)

Fit Body Boot Camp owner Justin Blum is Las Vegas is opening his 3rd location and pulling down over $200,000 a year.

My coaching client Sevando Dominguez just walked up to me 5 minutes ago and said he just had a $10,000 dollar month.

I gave my coaching client Greg Carbone a high five for having a $12,000 month.

The list pretty much goes on and on but my battery is in the red and I wanted to make sure you saw the video I made for you.

But before I sign off, I want to say this...

If you are totally struggling and KNOW you should be making WAAAY more money and helping WAAAY more clients, or if your dominating but want to take it to the next level...

Then listen to your gut and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT by investing in my 30 day intensive business coaching and mentoring.

To learn more about my coaching and mentoring programs
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