How To Become A Mega Action Taker

How to become a mega MASSIVE ACTION taker

A couple of weeks ago at the Fitness Info Summit, I did a little experiment from the stage.

I wanted to do 3 things:

1.  See who the biggest action takers in the room were.

2.  Discover WHY some people wont take action to get something they REALLY want.

3.  Show how to OVERCOME that "thing" that keeps you from taking action when you want and need to.

Here's some pictures to "show" you exatly what happened...
Check it out.







So what lesson did we learn here?

picture-20Well, after the bum-rush, I asked the audience 4 questions, and if they answered YES to all of them, to raise their hand and let me know.

Question 1.  Were they at FBS09, and if so, did they want the $500 bucks I offered to anyone who comes up on stage and gets it.

Question 2.  Did they run up, or hesitate.

picture-17Question 3.  Did they want the 1 year of coaching I was giving away today at FIS

Question 4. Did they run up, or hesitate.

So I asked 3 of the trainers with their hands up to come on stage and explain why they "hesitated" again today.

And the answers were pretty interesting...

picture-18One trainer had someone in their way... In other words, he let an obstacle keep her from what she REALLY wanted.

Another trainer said that she was scared, of running up with everyone else.

So basically FEAR got in the way.

And the third trainer just didn't move fast enough, and lost out to a faster action taker.

picture-19It's so crazy how that little experiment represented all the reasons people just DON'T get what hey REALLY want.

FEAR, HESITATION, and letting OBSTACLES get in the way.

So how the hell do we "shut off" that little voice in our head that tells us, "you can't"
"You're not good enough"
"You're gonna fail"

And not just turn the voice off, but set you mind to automatic success mode...

First of all, don't turn away from your fear...

Look it dead in the eye, and move towards it.
It's where ya need to go.

Now that your looking at it, visualize yourself doing what causes the fear, but feeling AMAZING while your doing it.

Visualize this with intense emotion and try to make it feel as REAL as possible.

Do it for 2 minutes, 3 times a day (Right when you wake up, in the middle of the day, and as you fall asleep at night) for 7 days.

When your done, your brain will be reprogrammed for AUTOMATIC SUCCESS.

(I'll spare you the detailed scientic reason why this works)
Just trust me, it does.

I used to be SCARED outta my mind about public speaking...
I'm talking major anxiety attacks.

Then one of my mentors (John Assaraf from the movie The Secret) told me how to kick fear in the nuts and make it disappear.

And all it took was 3 times a day, of visualizing with INTENSE feeling, for 7 days an I was "cured."

Give it a try, and you'll VAPORIZE those fears that you let hold you back...

Notice how I say that you "let" hold you back.

Leave a comment with what you think... I want to know.

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