How To Close 97% Of Clients In 6 Words Or Less

I clearly remember that empty feeling as I was driving home from an intro session -Those six heart wrenching words rattled around my noggin. "I-NEED-TO-THINK-ABOUT-IT."

And that's not all

There's five more phrases that have had the same instant "buzz kill" affect on me...

p5_11.     I need to discuss it with my spouse.

2.     I have to check my finances.

3.     I can't afford it.

4.     I need to see if I can fit it in my schedule.

5.     I don't want to start today, I was just "checking it out." (WTF!)

I would much rather have someone say that they didn't like the workout, or I smell, or I just totally suck (Ok, that would be pretty bad too).

But here is the good news.

You are about to learn how to NEVER have that happen again... EVER!
(And no, It does not involve using a 44 magnum) It's actually way simple.

The reason I close 97% of clients in six words or less is because I only meet with prospects who are pre-qualified. A pre-qualified prospect is someone who has said yes to the following six questions - I do this 100% over the phone so I don't waist any extra time.  In other words, I will not set up a trial session until I have received the six YESES. (I value my tme way too much for that)

p5_2-3-4Here are what I call the Four Golden Questions.

1.     Is this your decision to start this program, or do you have to discus it with your significant other?

2.     The average cost for my services is between (X and Y) per session, which comes out to between (A and B) per month.  If you believe this is the right program for you, will that be within your budget?

3.     To reach your goal of (fill-in-the-blank) it's gonna take about an hour of your time 2-3 days per week.  Can you fit that into your schedule?

4.     I only set appointments for potential clients who are very serious.  After the trial workout, I am going to ask you if either YES you liked the workout and feel this program is right for you - or NO you did not like the workout and feel that this program is not for you. If the answer is no then hey, no hard feelings, but if the answer is yes, then I am going to expect you to start the program that day... I just want to make sure we don't waist your time or mine... Fair enough? (I love saying "fair enough?" - It's a Jedi-mind-trick
that people can't say no to)

Picture this.  Your PRE-QUALIFIED lead shows up for her trial workout.  You just delivered your best 5-star, friggin kick butt workout EVER!

Now it's time for the 6-word close so you just say?


He shoots, he scores and the crowd goes wild!

You're never gonna look at closing clients the same again!

Quick Tip - The 2 greatest human desires are to feel appreciated and important.

1.     Before the workout really kick up your energy and tell/show the prospect how excited you are to see them...

2.     During the workout give them your best performance... It's only 20 percent technical exercise stuff, but it's 80 percent how you make them feel inside. (Bring the energy and train them like a rock star)

3.     After the workout (before you use the 6-word closing technique) profusely thank them for such an awesome workout... Tell them that THEY have great energy and you really appreciate them.

p5_5PS. Please leave comments about closing techniques that you have kicked butt with.

PSS. Also leave a comment of the lamest excuse that you've ever heard a prospect give for not sign up.

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