How To Get Outta That Rut!

I don't know about you, but I DO NOT want to hear some boring story about someone who was born into a rich family, had no struggles growing up,  got everything handed to them, had all their business ventures effortlessly explode with success, and who never had there back against the wall when the shit was hitting the fan.

222I can't relate to that.

Before I cracked the code to building multiple 6-figure boot camps, I was the homeless underdog kid sitting in special-ed dreaming of one day being rich and getting massive respect.

My best friends, Bedros Keuilian, and Chris McCombs had to scratch and claw their way to the top too.

They made it because of their drive, passion, focus, thinking positive and a no-retreat-no-surrender, never-say-die, take-no-prisoners attitude.

I seem to attract these types of kick-butt go-getters into my life and Leanne Ellington is NO EXCEPTION!

I've personally seen her struggle with her own DARK DEMONS,
and kick their asses straight to the curb.

That's why, when she sent me this guess post,
I had to share it with you...

87Enjoy -

Get Yourself Out Of That Rut!
Guess post by Leanne Ellington

Being the savvy business owners that we are, we are always expected to be on top of our game, constantly motivated, and maintaining a positive attitude no matter what.

We need to maintain this mindset so that we can keep driving forward, fall eight times and stand up nine, and wipe the dirt off our back when we do inevitably fall down.

It doesn't take a genius to know that when running a successful business your mindset is most important part of the equation-- the driving force. On the flip side though, if your head is down in the dumps, demotivated, or downright negative, it will literally cripple you. You don't stand a chance of going out there, kicking ass, and taking names. You might as well just go back to bed.

444But honestly, do you really have 365 days a year of positive, perfect days?

Do you handle setbacks like a champion?

Do you encounter speed bumps in your business that don't slow you down?

Have you ever gotten bummed out because a client that quit training with you, or maybe you suddenly lost 5 boot campers in one day, or maybe one of your trainers decided to walk away and quit with a ton of your clients right behind him?

Maybe quite possibly nothing of the like happened, but you just got 8stuck in one of those negative funks or had a series of bad days?

I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news, but something unexpected and downright shitty is inevitably going to take place in your business-- maybe not this week or this year even, but sometime in the life of your business, you will be thrown such an unexpected curve ball that might knock you right on your ass, and you need to know how and be prepared to handle it.

Everyone has been there at some point or another-- stressed out, bummed out, and really affected by the most minuscule things.

You know, those days when you feel like you lost your mojo, and you don't have that winning attitude that you usually possess. You feel demotivated, frustrated, flustered, annoyed, mad--- you name it, and you feel it. Do you ever have those days? Do you ever have those weeks?

Once again, trust me, if you haven't already, you definitely will.

These type of moods or funks are not going to break you and your business, but how you choose to deal with them absolutely will.

You see, you may encounter circumstances that may or may not be avoidable or beyond your control, but how you chose to deal with those circumstances is completely and absolutely IN YOUR CONTROL, and you have the choice to acknowledge and move on, or really let it get you down.


You simply have to program your brain to react positively. You can program resilience. You can program greatness and positivity. You can program your brain to think anything in the world-- just don't let your brain be programmed to the negative.

434343You see,  I have had many funks, bad days and negative thought-processes, and I used to let them cripple me.

That's how I know personally how easy it is to just change your thoughts and your mind. I have had the privilege of having the best fitness business coach out there, and when I was chatting with Bedros about the concept of programming your brain to react and think positively and resiliently, he told me something so simple, yet so friggen' brilliant:

"You become the things that occupy your thoughts the most. I listen to, study, ready, watch, and attend things that force me to occupy my thoughts with the things I want to be.

For me it's simple... if I am only taking in positive stuff,  I can only occupy my thoughts with positive stuff and therefore only manifest positive outcomes. And when I do make a mistake or hit a bump, I have programmed myself to overcome those quickly."

Beautiful isn't it?

And it's 100% true. You have the power to feel amazing, or you have the power to feel like shit. Either way, you have a choice. Your brain can only think and 34343434feel the emotions that you feed it and that you let it feel. Feed it greatness, motivation, I can's, and you will achieve the world.

So the next time you are stuck in a rut, hit an inevitable speed bump, or just have one of those days, just shake it off, and simply lead your brain in the positive direction. You have control of your thoughts. If you doubt this in any way, I double dog dare you to try it --- try to retrain your brain to reach utter positivity, and you will not be disappointed.

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