How To Have A Big’O Pair Of Brass Balls And Avoid “No Ballness” Disease

So many fitness marketing strategies fail because of a lack of BRASS BALLS.

I'm mean, I sure have been seeing a lot of "No Ballness" disease lately.

"No ballness" occurs when some one "wants" to do something and knows they should do it, but when it comes time to execute, they just don't have the balls to pull the trigger.

I'm talking about following up on leads, walking into businesses, closing prospects, talking to strangers when their is a perfect opportunity, or just getting their shit done - Stuff like that.

WE ALL feel fear and anxiety, but the difference between the hero and the coward is what we do about it.

Typically the coward runs away while the hero stares fear in the face and says, "Come on punk, let's party!"

Being a badass with big balls isn't about going around acting like a "tuff guy" - Not at all.

Besides, most of those dudes are just insecure pussies anyway.

Being a big balled badass is about having the guts to get out of your comfort zone.

It's about feeling the fear, but doing it anyways.

It's about going for your dreams and not letting anyone (especially yourself and your fears) stand in your way.

It's about looking at ANY situation, especially negative ones and KNOWING that something awesome will come out of it.


In other words, the door that you have to go through to live your dream is ALWAYS going to be the scary one.

It's like nature' way of weeding out the week - Ya know, Darwinism.

So what would YOU do if you had NO FEAR?

How do you handle fear and getting out of your comfort zone?

There are so many people out their who "talk" a big game but then fold like a beach chair when the shit hits the fan.

But the good news is that no matter how you have reacted to "fear" in the past, you can DECIDE to make a change today.

You can decide to BE who you want to be starting right this second as you're reading this.

In fact, the best way to vaporize your fears is to visualize yourself living your dream NOW.

Visualize yourself DOING what you are afraid of, or what makes you feel uncomfortable.

Visualize this with a positive and awesome outcome.

Your subconscious does not know the difference between an intense thought and reality so if you keep visualizing yourself conquering your fears, then you eventually will (in about 21 days).

So grab your brass balls, look fear in the eye and give em hell!

Here's to living your dream!



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