How To Overcome E.F.T. Objections With The Steve Hochman Method

I began using E.F.T. to auto debit my clients 9 years ago so I wouldn't have to do the ONE THING I HATE the most...

And that's being a friggin bill collector!

Pretty unexpectedly, I practically overnight I increased my revenue my 38%.

Another cool benefit of E.F.T is that  you can just close your clients ONE TIME Vs. over and over again each time they have to resign.

Over the last 9 years I've seen and heard just about every objection possible, so I created the Steve Hochman method for overcoming excuses, objections and resistance to E.F.T.


The mind set - You'll have 99% less objections if you're prepared to walk away from the deal.  Don't let potential clients dictate how you run YOUR business

The "walk away close" - Tell them to select a program, fill out their cc info, then "walk away" to get their nutrition plan.

If t they don't like giving out their credit card, then you say, no problem, I can use a voided check.

If they say they don't want to be on auto debit, tell them this is how we do it here.  One of the reasons I get such amazing results with my clients, is because I don't have to spent time being an accountant or a bill collector, so I can dedicate way more time learning the latest, best, fastest and safest techniques for getting you in the best shape of your life.

If they still object to auto debit... Ask them to tell you their specific concerns.  Never argue.  Agree with their concerns.  Then use the feel, felt, found method.

(Example) - Mrs. Jones I agree that giving out your credit card information can be very dangerous.  I know exactly how you feel.  I used to feel the same way.  Then I found that with the way credit card companies work now, if there is ever a problem, they protect the consumer.  Wouldn't you agree?


If they STILL object to E.F.T. then pull out a separate contract (that is out of sight).  On this contract, E.F.T. prices are listed next to cash prices which are 35% higher because of having to "pay a book keeper"

If they say they object to having to pay more for not being on E.F.T., then tell them you have 2 or 3 clients that pay the higher prices because they are not on E.F.T., and if you were charge less this time, it wouldn't be fair to the others.

When to walk away - I've found that if a potential client doesn't want to be on E.F.T. and refuses to pay higher prices for paying cash, then I would prefer NOT to have them as a client.  Practically every time I've made an exception, I've regretted it and they ended being a high maintenance, problem client.

In life, you will get treated the way you permit people to treat you.


Hey BTW, I've had a lot of trainers ask me what E.F.T. companies are good out there... Who do you use for E.F.T?

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