Marketing for Personal Trainers and Fitness Sales Strategies

You could be the best fitness trainer on the planet, but if nobody knows you’re there, you’ll end up with an unprofitable business or doing another job you have absolutely no passion for or working for somebody else. That’s why learning about effective marketing for personal trainers is so important.

The problem is that the whole subject of marketing can be daunting. You may find it easy to talk to people about health and fitness, but when it comes to talking about money and getting them to sign up for your services, you morph into a quivering jellyfish.

You might find marketing online a total breeze because it can appear so impersonal, but when it comes to approaching a business owner about offering your services to his entire staff, you quake in your Nikes.. You can’t even cold call one potential client because your brain turns to mush.

Marketing for Personal Trainers is Simple…

… if you understand how it works, and that will involve knowing some psychology and perhaps stepping outside of your own comfort zone. If you don’t master the art of marketing all the way through to closing, you may as well get a telemarketing job. Well maybe not, because that involves a certain amount of persuasion too.

fitness business strategiesSo how can you be successful at something you fear?

Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich was first published in 1937. It is such a well-respected reference book on marketing and creating personal wealth that’s been revised and updated just about every year since.

Mr. Hill suggested that you write down a plan stating how much money you want to make within a specific time, what you’re going to offer to reach that goal and how you’re going to do it. He tells you to visualize the money you’re going to make, and imagine that you already have it, then read that plan aloud twice a day. First thing in the morning and last thing at night - without fail.

By doing this you will essentially reprogram your subconscious mind into thinking successfully. This method works today and has helped thousands of people just like you to become successful, for nearly 100 years.

By convincing your subconscious mind that you are already successful, it will influence how you do business.  People are very visual, and are far more likely to gravitate towards being associated with already-successful people.

If you had a choice between two lawn service companies for example that charge the same, which will you choose? The guy with the rusty, bashed up truck or the one that drives a clean, sign-written vehicle? Right.

You must present yourself in the best possible way and be a walking, talking billboard for your business, all the time. People will be happy to give you referrals because you will be seen as a professional. Fake it ‘til you make it pal. No excuses.

But I Couldn’t Sell Water to a Thirsty Bedouin!Fitness Sales Program

See - negativity again. Of course you could, but the secret is not selling, it’s marketing. You show the poor thirsty guy how clean your water is, or how cold it is and how much better he’ll feel for drinking it. That’s the key. Close 9 out of 10 clients by Bedros Keuilian is by far the best fitness sales program out there. It teaches you to be an assistent buyer and at the end of your presentation there is nowhere to go other than signing in the doted line, no hassle, no back an forth.

All you have to do is show people the advantages of joining your boot camp or personal fitness program. You promote the benefits, not the features. It’s easy. They don’t care that you have some kind of magic purple space age fitness machine; they want to know what it will do for them.

Anyone would have to be living on another planet not to know that being healthy and following a regular personal fitness regime will help them feel better, ward off killers like heart disease and diabetes, attract better partners, live longer, or get a better job.  They already know that, and by learning to ask them the rights questions, and give the right answers, they’ll be grabbing the pen out of your hand.

Any objections as they’re about to sign on the dotted line can be overcome with incentives, exclusive-to-them special offers, but all with a specified time limit. The onus is on them to sign, not on you to sell. Any cost objections can easily be overcome, because the personal costs to them or so high if they don’t sign up. Do whatever it takes until you’ve built a rock solid reputation.

Marketing for personal trainers shouldn’t be difficult. It’s not like you’re promoting something harmful, like booze or some awful fat- and chemical-laden convenience food. What you’re offering them is help to change their lives for the better! You’re not selling anything.

How to Attract Those Potential Clients

Assuming you have a blog or website, getting people to sign up for your monthly newsletter, free reports or regular tip-laden emails shouldn’t be a problem. Okay so personal training is a very localized business, and many of your emails/newsletters/free reports will go to people well outside your area.

Don’t think they’re a loss, because encouraging everyone to sign up means more Tweets, Likes and Fans which will eventually filter down to people who are in your area and who can use your personal training services.  Create a buzz and get as many visitors to your website or blog as you can because it will help raise your site high in the search engine rankings. It will also help get your name recognized by potentially many thousands of people, and that’s called brand recognition which is vital.

You should have a FaceBook Business Page, a Twitter account and a prominent opt-in or lead generation box on your website, and a YouTube channel to show people you know what you’re talking about. Give as much help as you can regularly. You’re here to stay.

Use whatever means possible to communicate with your present and potential clients. Make a point of texting or emailing your current clients with a short personal note. “You did great today Susan. Why don’t you bring a friend along next time?

That personal touch counts for a lot, especially for people who need constant encouragement. Imagine if you were 50lbs overweight - it’s much easier to give up and eat a Whopper than it is to commit to another grueling 60-minute session. You’re their friend, their help and mentor, so you must always be there for them, just like AA.  There’s no selling involved at all!

Pamper Your Clients and go the Extra Mile

For now there’s only you running your business, but even as you grow you should never overlook the personal touch. If you find out exactly what each client needs and help them achieve their goals you’ll build loyalty which is priceless. Your success and your clients’ success go hand in hand. They’ll tell others and you benefit by building a solid client base. Reward them well, and you’ll have the best sales team for life.

Think success. Read Think and Grow Rich. Not just for you, but for your clients, your help could make a huge difference to their lives. Marketing for personal trainers will quickly become second nature, and not something you have to worry about at all.

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