My Fitness Boot Camp Marketing secret To Getting 37 Clients In 30 Days

My Sure Fire Boot Camp Marketing Tactic That Got Me 37 New Clients In 30 Days Without Spending a Friggin Dime
On Fitness Marketing

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And one more thing...

picture-50I know that it can sometimes take us out of our comfort zone when we approach people we don't know.

Here's what I do to push through it.

I look at a picture of my two daughters, and pretend that they're watching my every move to learn how to act.

If they see me give in to fear, then they will think that's how life works when
you face a challenge.

The thought of not being a good role model for my little princesses make ANY fear I feel instantly vaporize.

When I look at it that way... I have no choice but to press on!

Hope that resonates with you in some way.

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