New “Out Of The Box” Boot Camp Marketing Promo

Here's a fitness boot camp marketing promo that's perfect for BIG thinkers and massive action takers.

It's called the 1000 Pound Challenge!

The Goal To get 100 new boot camp members in 45 days.

How it works – Through various sources, you are to get 150 to 200 people into your boot camp for free for 30 days in an effort to drop 1000 lbs off local residence over 30 days.

When people come in to participate, set them up for a nutritional consultation and close them by offering to give them half off their first month if they sign up today.

Assure them that there is no risk and that if during the 30 days of the 1000 LB Meltdown Challenge, should they choose not to continue, they will not be charged.

Also encourage them by letting them know that if they refer a friend who signs up, then their first month after the 30 day challenge will be completely free.

This whole process of getting participants should take no longer than 7-10 days.

First, get in your local newspaper.

Next, get employees of local businesses to participate by letting them know about the 30 day challenge.

Now email your list of prospect to tell them about the 30 day challenge.

Now obviously this is a FREE promo so you may or may not choose to send this it your email list.

However, free or not, the goal is to sign up as many as possible onto a full priced auto debit contract using the closing strategy.

Post about it on all of your friend’s Facebook walls.

Private message your Facebook friends about it.

Private your boot camp client’s Facebook friends who live locally.

Of course be sure that everyone you message is over 20 years old and lives locally.

You can also walk around and get participants.

Now, this way is very effective however, but of course, it involves getting out of your comfort zone.

It’s pretty easy.  You go to high traffic areas (like food courts, malls etc) around your boot camp with the newspaper article about the 1000 Pound Meltdown and approach people to see if they want to participate.

And finally, CLOSE them how I mentioned above.

If your close rate is 50 percent (because these are less than normally qualified prospects) then you need to get 200 participants to get 100 new clients...

If your space is limited then you may have to go for less.

Like I said, this boot camp marketing promo is for BIG thinkers and MASSIVE action takers.

So enjoy!

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