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One of the BIGGEST lessons I learned from my very first mentor was to know the difference between spending timeffffh "IN" your business VS. "ON" your business.

Definition of  working "IN" your business - Doing things to maintain your business like:

- Training clients
- Buying equipment
- Writing out workouts
- Going over diets
- Printing out materials and forms
- Accounting

Definition of working "ON" your business - Doing things to grow your business and move it forward like:

- Marketing
- Getting Human Billboards
- Prospecting over the phone
- Prospecting by email
- Networking with other businesses to get referrals
- Building relationships with hair dressers to get referrals
- Picking up new clients at your facility

My mentor told me that 99% of business owners DO NOT know the difference between working "IN" their business Vs. Working "ON" their business.

And because of this, they end up spending most, if not ALL of their time "IN" their business.

I spend about 80% of my time working "ON" my business and only about 20% "IN" my business.

But ya know what?

I didn't always know to do that.

Below is the chart that I used to know where I was spending most of my time.

The first time I used it, the results were pretty scary.

(Fill it out each week for the next 28 days)

This simple exercise will make a HUGE difference in your fitness and boot camp profits, and separate you from 99% of other fitness professionals.

picture-3Enjoy this free business tool and be sure to use this chart EVERY DAY for the next 28 days...

And (if you're going) I can't wait to hang with ya at the Fitness Info Summit 🙂


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