The 2 Biggest Solutions to the 1,000 Biggest Mistakes People Make in Copywriting

Guest post by David Tendrich (My little bro)

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Now read this...

p41-1Nope, no typo in the title....

These truly are 2 solutions to 1, 000 mistakes. Actually, it's probably way more mistakes than that, because people make these mistakes so many times throughout one individual website that when you add'em all up, it's probably closer to like . . . 1, 005.

And it's these 2 solutions that determine if all of the copy you're writing from the first word you put down is going to be on the right track, or on, well, the only other option, the wrong track?

p41-31. The most important thing in copywriting...

Here are the most important things you need in copywriting:

  • A brain. Preferably a human brain.
  • I'm not really sure where I'm going with this. I don't really have a list of 3 things
  • I might be out of my mind

I'm almost certain that the most important thing in copywriting is being able to "Connect to whoever is reading what you wrote". And what's the best way to do that?

p41-4I find it's to talk to your audience....

This sounds simple, but it's so powerful. The key word there is "talk." Pretend you're actually talking to your audience!

If you were in a face-to-face conversation, what would you say to sell your business?

Here's a simple exercise...

  • Think about a client you already have, and imagine what that person's problem is, and p41-5how you can fix it.
  • Then imagine yourself telling that person all about how you're going to help them solve their problem.
  • Tell them exactly what they want to hear! Do you think they want constant reminders about their problem?
  • Or solutions and motivation to do something about it? Or maybe a bit of both? I don't know the answer to this, because I'm not writing to your market.
  • You know your clients, and what works for them and what doesn't, so  use that knowledge to write to other potential clients. And write down every word you would say to them, because it's going to make great copy.

Here's another exercise...

  • Imagine that same client, only pretend you'd never met them before. If they knew absolutely nothing about you and your business, what would you have to tell them to get them to come try out your business?
  • Write this down too, because it'll make excellent copy.

Here's another simple test to see if you're on the right track:

p41-6If you were in a conversation, could you use the same language you're using in your copy?

2. Become A Caterer! Deliver The Yummy Food Of Emotion!

p41-7Your readers are human. Let me restate that - your readers, you know, the people who read what you write... they're human!

Human beings, to be more precise. From the planet Earth. There's about 6 billion of them, and your readers are each ONE out of that 6 billion.

Heavy stuff, I know. Your job is to find a way to make them forget this!

Not he human part, or the earth part, but the 6 billion of them part. Find a way to make your reader feel like 1 out of 1, rather than 1 out of 6 billion. The best way to do this is to cater to your reader's emotions.

If they're frustrated, angry, even hurt by their physical appearance, then be comforting, uplifting, and compassionate towards them.

Think To Yourself....

p41-8"If I were 200 pounds overweight, what would a personal trainer have to tell me for me to hire them?

Also, for someone to seek out a personal trainer or boot camp, they're basically admitting, "I don't like my body the way it is, can you help me?"

That puts them in a really vulnerable position, which is a GREAT place for a potential client to be and here's why.

The more vulnerable someone is to you and your message,
the more willing  they are to read what you write.

p41-9Take advantage of this! Give them what they want! They want someone who understands their frustration, their pain, and who has a way out. Be that someone.

Ask Yourself ???

"Why is this person coming to me? What do they REALLY want from me?"

To answer that question, think about this . . .

If they're fat, do they really want to be skinny? If youp41-10 immediately think "of course!" then I invite you to research indigenous cultures in Africa where being fat is considered an honor.

Sumo wrestlers are revered and praised, too. In these cultures, skinny people are the ones with body-image issues.

Well, here in America it's not honorable to be fat. In fact, people who are fat are constantly made fun of and ostracized. So the question your potential clients really want to be skinny, or do they want to feel accepted?

Because if they were in that culture in Africa, people would love them inside and out, and they might not want to be so lean.

p41-11Here's the key:

If you can figure out what people REALLY REALLY want in their heart of hearts from you and your business, then you can promise them you'll give it to them in your copywriting.

And then there's no way they'll turn you down. It'll take some deep reflection, but once you uncover what they really want, you have unstoppable copy.

p41-12David Tendrich designs cash pulling Craigslist ads and websites, and is one cool mofo (I'm not just saying that cuz he's my bro either)

To learn more or to contact David email hi at

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