The 2012 Boot Camp Domination Check List

Each year with technology, social media and group marketing the game changes.

And if you're not "in the know" then you're in danger of missing out on massive revenue opportunities.

I didn't become the undisputed boot camp marketing authority by staying behind the curve, and if you want to get all the clients, money and freedom that you deserve from your boot camps, then you'll follow this top 10 check list.

1.  Facebook Viral Marketing - Grow your email list using the "Facebook Suck Out Method".

Importing from Facebook is super simple.

1- Click to go to Yahoo's Email Address Import Tool and click the Facebook icon.

2- Click 'Okay' for "Do you want to share your contacts with Yahoo!"

3- All your Facebook emails are now in Yahoo.

4 - Export contacts from Yahoo and upload them to your email blast service.

This is one of the easiest ways to grow your email list by the hundreds for free each month.

2. Monthly email promotions - Now that you're using the Facebook Suck Out Method to grow your email list, you should do an email promo every month.

One of my coaching clients and FBBC owner Marcia Inoue got 104 new boot campers in 72 hours with my Holiday Fat Buster email series.

So get out your 2012 Calendar, begin with January, and plan out 12 promos for for 2012.

3.  Use companies like Groupon and Living Social to boost your client base.

Now, you'll hear some people saying, "Don't do it, those deal sites suck."

Well, frankly I'm fine with them thinking that, more for the people I coach.

But the truth is, if you run your deal right it's like hitting a grand slam home run.

YOU HAVE to get the discount people's credit card before they come in.

And on their first day, you HAVE to get them to commit to a program unless they cancel.

Do it this way, and you'll be LOVING the deal of the day sites, do it another way and you may be in for  a nightmare.

4.  Learn from the best - Each year my pal Bedros puts on the business exploding event of the year called the Fitness Business Summit where the top dominators in the fitness industry share their most powerful client getting strategies, tactics and systems.

The most serious success minded fitness professionals from all around the world will be here to get the most cutting edge advantages to quantum leap their businesses forward in 2012.

5.  Focus "on" your boot camp more than "in" your boot camp - One of the first lessons I learned from my first mentor what the difference between working "in" your business and working "on" it.

When you're working "in" your business you're doing things like training clients, processing contracts, updating email lists, paying bills and stuff like that.

When you are doing those things you ARE NOT growing your business...

In fact, my first mentor taught me that a REAL BUSINESS can run without you, otherwise you own a job, which is better than working for someone, but it's not a business.

Working "on" your business consists of doing things that either GROW or AUTOMATE your boot camp.

These are pretty much activities like, marketing, forming strategic relationships, selling and training employees.

Most trainers focus 95 percent of their time in their business and only like 5 percent of their time growing it - No wonder their business does NOT explode like they want it to.

6.  Ultimate productivity in 2012 - It's simple really.

Get a steno notepad, divide the page down the middle, and write "do" on the left and "delegate" on the right.

Before you go to bed, write down your top things you need to do, and delegate to slingshot your business forward.

When you wake up in the morning, hit the ground running and start knocking out your list.

First outsource everything on your delegate list so your peeps can get to work right away, then get your stuff done.

I use this simple method to run my seven figure organization and it will work for you too.

7.  Have at least one "game changer" experience in 2012 -  A game changer event is when you absorb success skills, knowledge and strategies from someone who is currently further along than you.

Commit to getting around these people at lease in 2012, it may just be the game changer you're looking for.

8.  Set your goals - Set your goals BEFORE 2012...

Keep them simple, where you are now (clients, revenue, locations) and where you want to be by the end of the year.

Then break the year down to quarterly goals.

9.  Get uncomfortable - Make 2012 your most uncomfortable year.

Why? because you grow when you are outside of your comfort zone.

Turn towards your fear, look it in the eye, and say bring it on M@#$#$F#$@#R!

10 - Like I said at the beginning of this post, BE IN THE KNOW, stay way ahead of the curve, and get the most cutting edge business strategies and systems for massive boot camp success on the planet to take your 2012 to massive success.

And if you want a HUGE advantage when it comes to success, take a look at this. <--


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