The “5X1 Holiday Client Getter” Fitness Marketing Strategy

Pretty simple right?

Oh, one more thing...

Bedros and I are putting on a "Boot Camp Domination"  Teleseminar
on Tuesday December 14 at 1pm (PST)

On the teleseminar you will learn:

The “Lead Box Dominator” Method – Discover the secret formula
to getting 250 – 500 hot leads each and every month.

The “Landing Page Client Getter” – This is by far the single fastest
way to grab boatloads of awesome new clients from the internet

Plus your going to learn the fatal mistake that 99% of trainers are
making when they use landing or squeeze pages.

The “Local Business Email Blaster” Method – Get ready to learn
how Baltimore Fit Body Boot Camp Owner Jeff Sherman gets dozens
of local businesses to feed him leads galore.

The “Phase Out” Formula – Planning on teaching boot camps when
you’re 80 years old? No?

Then you’re definitely gonna want to learn this surefire solution for
finding trainers to run multiple boot camp locations for you.

Get used to generating revenue in your sleep.

The “Holiday Gift Client Multiplier” – Find out what the gift that keep
on giving (you clients) is.

This one little holiday gift idea may get you up to 50 new clients in the
next 30 days.

The “Referral Snowball Method” – Why get one referral when you can
easily get 14?

** All this high value information will cost you a grand total of $10 **

And 100% of your $10 investment will go to helping kids through the
Toys For Tots organization.

In fact, Bedros and I are going to double whatever we collect from the
teleseminar and drive straight to Toys For Tots to deliver the goods.

Even if you can’t be on the call with us live, you can listen to the recording
so you should still help underprivileged kids by donating the $10 bucks.

Once again the call will take place Tuesday December 14 at 1pm (PST)

Ok, we're more pumped than ever to give you this gift...

If you celebrate Xmas then consider it your Xmas gift, if you celebrate
Chanuka then happy Chanuka and if you celebrate something else then
happy something else.

Here is the link to register for the "Boot Camp Domination" Teleseminar.

Ok, rock on!

Ps.  You wont believe how much high level, revenue generating content
we are giving away on this call.

Let me know what you think...

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