The Boot Camp Retention Grandmasta!

Heeeey, Steve here, I hope you're having an AWESOME, AMAZING and ADVENTUROUS week πŸ™‚

So, the other day, one of my mastermind clients asked my what she can do to improve retention.

Well, the GRANDMASTER of boot camp client retention is non other than the GREAT Fit Body Boot Camp owner Cara Eckerman.

Soooo, I emailed her asking for her top retentions tips...

And her response was so awesome that I thought I'd share it with you by turning it into a blog post.

So here it is...

Cara Eckerman's boot camp retention secrets:

Massive FB page interaction - Posting success stories, motivational quotes, recipes, Fun pics, etc.. It encourages people to interact and then people friend each other from boot camp.

Wall of Fame - If you attend a week straight or be a workout warrior( back to back boot camps) you get to put up your name with a cool quote.

5K walk runs, warrior dashes etc - they always have something going on.

We always have a contest of some sort - ie 10 FB check ins for a Tshirt, Lose so many inches in a month and for each inch we donate 2$ to the fire dept, this month we have PINK Fridays for Breast cancer awareness. so there is always something going on that serves a bigger purpose or just for funzzies πŸ™‚

Circle time - End of class, cool down where we give props to new peeps, and recognize achievements, joke, talk nutrition, share tips etc

Saturday workshops with fun names Bikini Booty, Hips buns and thighs etc where we get stuff donated and draw prizes.

Text of shame - if someone misses we take a pic of the class with their thumbs down and text it to them

Sunday hikes or jogs where we all meet up then go out for lunch after.

The usual pump up texts and fb shout outs.

Support their causes donate to a clients PTA organization ( gift cards or a free month ), be aware of what is important to your members...

One of our clients best friend lost their home in a fire and we raised a bunch of money and stuff for the family so just have your trainers have there ears open and be the first one to lend a helping hand.

Team up with local businesses to get certificates or items to give away just on a whim ( we have Fit Body meals at Chik Filet a and will give those away, or get free style and cut from the hair salon next door )

Member of the month award

We also have a member board where everyone comes in and puts a pin and you can see who has attended the most classes.

A reach out call following the first class.

Each member is greeted by their first name and we say bye to everyone.

30 minute express classes at night.

After they sign up a hand written gift card is sent out to them thanking them containing two giftcards to give to friends to earn a FREE month then a week later our assistant calls the client to check up on them and to make sure that they received the card and she will ask who they gave the gift cards too and collect name, # and email addy of those people.

We also will sendΒ  a card out once a month if people want to sit down with us to catch up on nutrition to make sure they are on track we call it "the you can't out train a bad diet accountability program"

Welp Cara, once again, you spread the love...

Thanks for giving so much to so many!



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