The “Gun To The Head” Method (Must, must, must read)

Hey there... Before you read the "Gun To The Head" method, make sure you have one of these bad boys!


Ok, so if you're a Fit Body Boot Camp owner or one of my coaching clients then you most likely know about my famous "Gun To The Head" method.

However, if you've never heard about it, then check out this story because my "Gun To The Head" method will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Enjoy 🙂

Once upon a time there was a new Fit Body Boot Camp owner named John Eckerman and his wife Cara.

But times weren't always so good...

Ya see John focused all his energy in opening his boot camp and Cara quit her job as a full time nanny to help.

They were a little nervous because money was very tight and they had a house mortgage  to pay for.

But they felt pretty confident because they literally knew EVERYONE in their town so things would explode in a week when they had their grand opening.


The facility that had agreed to rent space to them for their boot camp (which started in a week) backed out...

And that's when I got the infamous "we need to quit" phone call.

The call went like this, "Steve, the facility backed out, I "TRIED" to find a facility but I couldn't, my wife quite her job and now we wont be able to pay our mortgage, we're gonna lose our home, we need to quit, Quit, Quit!.... Quit I say!

And that's when I had to step in as there coach and use my famous  "Gun To The Head" Method!

Here's how it went down...

I said, "So are you telling me that you have a bunch of clients lined up for your grand opening and the only thing holding you back is finding a location?"

"And you're saying that you "tried" to find a location but couldn't?"

"So what would you do if I put a gun to your wife's head and told you that if you don't find a location my the end of the day then I'm gonna blow her brains out?"

He said, "I'd find a location."

So I said, "Then grab your friggin Balls, and go do it, then call me."

So skip a head 7 months and guess what.

Cara has nearly 100 clients and is pulling in over $15,000 per month!

And the very best part is...

Since Cara gets 80% of her clients from referrals and all her other fitness marketing strategies are automated through her website, she is DONE and FREE to do what ever the heck she wants after 9:00am every morning.

In fact they joke that John is now a "house husband"and gets to sleep in and go to the spa because the income just keep growing ($15,000 a month and growing everyday) automatically.

(Just kidding John, I know ya do important "stuff" for the biz LOL... Plus it takes a lot of work to look that good bro 🙂

So the moral of this story?

Live life as if you have a gun pointed to your head for a whole year and you'll be AMAZED at what you can accomplish.

John and Cara Eckerman from Fit Body Boot Camp Houston sure did.

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