The Secret Art Of Selling Promos And Free S–T Like A Gangsta

I did a post the other day about the "Fund Raiser" Method and how you could use this tactic to turbo boost the FaceBook Viral Method

(Oh ya, and do some good in the world while you're at it)

But what's this?  You can't give away free sh-t?  Whaaaat?

How could this be?

Well, here is EXACTLY why you may be having a hard time selling people free stuff and also selling special promos.

Here's the big "aha"moment, people DO NOT buy what they DO NOT understand (Even if it's free or damn close).

Don't worry, I'm gonna break it down for you with this example.

If ya did a little experiment where you went up to 10 strangers and offered to sell them a ten dollar bill for a one dollar bill, I'd bet just about anything that 9 outta 10 say no thanks!

Why though?  Wouldn't it be a steal to buy 10 bucks for a dollar?

Now, go up to ten more strangers and offer to sell them the same ten dollar bill for one dollar BUT explain why.

Say you are doing an experiment in human behavior and you asked ten people if they wanted to buy a ten dollar bill for a buck and nine outta ten said no.

Then tell them that you are doing another experiment where you explain WHY you are selling ten bucks for a dollar and that you want to see if people will respond different when they understand why.

I bet this time about 9 outta 10 will say YES.

Why, because they understand it.

So when you use the "Fund Raiser" Method to sell you $100 gift cards and they can keep all the profit, and you also offer to train all the teachers and faculty for free, EXPLAIN WHY the heck you are doing this.

Tell them you are so fed up with childhood obesity and that you're on a MISSION of gosh damned mercy to do your part to help this catastrophe!

Let them know you are a friggin fat fighting super hero and you want to make a difference starting with the people who educate the children.

Tell them to help YOU help THEM by letting you donate 200 plastic gift cards for them to sell and that you want to announce at the next teachers meeting that will be training all of them for free for 30 days...

And use this "Tell em why" strategy to sell all your promotions...

Once you understand human behavior, you can have a pretty much unfair advantage when it comes to influencing people.

Just promise to use your powers for good and stay away from the dark side... 🙂


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