The Simple Secret To Being Whatever You Want

Heeeey Steve here...picture-32

... And I'm about to tell you the SIMPLE SECRET to being whatever you want - and why you have already PROVEN this to yourself.

I'm also gonna ask you to leave a comment with what music you workout to that totally PUMPS YOU UP and turns you into a training machine... (I'll explain why I'm asking in a minute)

But first, let me tell you a little story/confession.

For 9 years I got up Monday through Saturday and trained clients.

I had a set routing and was in the best shape of my life.

Train myself with weights from 5am to 6am.
Train clients from 6am-10am.
Do my cardio at 10am.
I brought my food for the day in a cooler.

I was super lean, fit and felt friggin great.

Then, I discovered how to get clients on the internet and systematize my business so that I only had to show up to my personal training center once a week (if that)

On top of that, I created (with the help of my BFF and business partner Bedros Keuilian) a system to not only EXPLODE your boot camps, but have them run on autopilot by other trainers...

2The good news was that my fitness business was so systematized that I rarely needed to leave my house.

But the bad news was that my own fitness "routine" was shot to hell.

I kept saying I'll workout tomorrow...

That tuned into next week...

And that turned into next month.
I started to think and act like an overweight, out of shape person.

And That's exactly what I turned into.

k7I didn't realize how far I let myself go until I went to put my dress pants on for a wedding (I rarely dress up)

DUUUDE!  The button was like 3 inches from the loop... WTF!

So I looked in the mirror and told myself that I've helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds... What would I tell them to do?

I would tell them to change their habbits...

I would get them to "act" like someone who was fit.

An that's exactly what I did... I acted like someone who was in shape would act.

The first week sucked.

The scond week was hard.

The third week was pretty cool.

And by the forth week I was friggen addicted to working out and eating clean again.

I lost all my unhealthy food cravings and couldn't wait until my next workout.

And now... I'm BACK IN SHAPE!

Actually better than before.

And it taught me a huge lesson, that as a fitness professional, you already know...


That goes for your fitness business too.

Right now, this very second, start acting like somone who was building multiple six-figure boot camps would.

And if you ever get stuck, say, "But if I knew how to build multiple six-figure boot camps, what would I do?"

What you "Act as if" the universe lines things up for you.

SO RIGHT NOW - Right this very second, start acting like who you want to be... And after about 21 days, you WILL become it.

3eIt takes 21 days for your brain to form a completly new set of neuro-connections and pathways...

And your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between a thought and reality... So in 21 days, you CAN and WILL become a the person you want to be...

And that's the simple secret.

Now, there are two things I want to end with.

The first one goes back to what I was saying at the beginning.

I want some new "get you friggin pumped" workout music, so leave me a comment with what music you use to have a KILLER workout.

And the the second thing is that I really want to meet you "in person" and hang out at the Fitness Info Summit.

This event will change your life... Like permanently.

If I didn't mean it, I wouldn't promote it so hard, cuz then you wouldn't ever listen to me again.

Learn more about the Fitness Info Summit here

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