Triple Your Productivity With The “List Method”

Hey Steve here - I hope you had an awesome Monday.

I wanted to share the most simple and powerful productivity tool ever.

And when used the "right" way, this little magical tool will give you WAY more free time and revenue while getting a ton more stuff done.

So here's what you do.

Put all the most important things that YOU have to do to move your business forward in the left hand column.

And put all the other stuff that you can outsource in the right hand column.

In reality only about 5% of the things you do will rapidly move your business forward, and the other 95% could be outsourced to an assistant or an outside company.

Some of the things that YOU should do are calling leads, putting out leadboxes and interviewing sales people.

Some of the things that you should outsource are inputting new clients, sending out thank you cards and paying bills.

It's super important that you make your list the night before so that you can start being productive first thing in the morning.

One of the biggest reasons that fitness professionals are not as far ahead with their business as they should be is because they do not know what to outsource and what to do.

It's not like they like to be too busy to relax, hang with their fam or get important things done...

It's just that they don't know.

So to help give you an idea of whats YOU should do and what you should OUTSOURCE, I'm going to share with you an email from one of my coaching client named Billy Hofacker.

I made all the things that YOU should be doing in BLACK, and all the things you should OUTSOURCE in RED.

Here the email from Billy, remember, the stuff in RED should be outsourced.

·         Writing goals
·         Entering consulting questions for Steve into computer
·         Sending confirmation e-mails to clients
·         Organizing desk
·         Sending cards to clients
·         Ordering Big Check for Charity Drive
·         Entering wife’s Dr. appointments into Google calendar
·         Cancelling clients’ memberships
·         Freezing/extending agreements
·         Teaching Boot Camp - Eventually out-sourced via phase-out method
·         Picking up cousin from airport
·         Teaching Boot Camp - Eventually out-sourced via phase-out method
·         Teaching BJJ, eating, training teaching circuit class, meeting We talked about stopping the BJJ and not working at the gym... Can't outsource your own workouts or eating unfortunately 🙂
·         Drive to E. Meadow
·         Calling HB prospects
·         Calling leads - You and an outsourced sales person can do this
·         Registering people for BC, entering e-mail, making folder, adding to board
·         Texting Bootcampers
·         Putting away laundry - Honestly you CAN outsource this if you want... Or hopefully have your wife do it
·         Folding laundry - Honestly you CAN outsource this if you want... Or hopefully have your wife do it
·         Dishes - Honestly you CAN outsource this if you want... Or hopefully have your wife do it
·         Update Google Places Account
·         Listening to BCFS call
·         My own wrestling training
·         E-mail - partly outsourced or filtered by assistant
·         Manually charge client
·         Type up this list
·         Phone session with client
·         Withdraw money from bank
·         Dropping off money to someone I owe
·         Call my accountant about 1099 forms for trainers
·         Ordered Big Check for Charity
·         Call Charity to coordinate Big Check presentation
·         Order plastic gift cards
·         “       “ lead boxes
·         Write MMA fitness article for newsletter
·         Downloading “Before” and class pictures from camera to computer
·         Organizing video footage for promo (videos i.e. separate folders for workout footage, testimonials, etc.
·         Weekly review and setting big goals for the week
·         List of songs together for workout mix
·         Going to Dr. w/wife
·         Putting lead boxes together (folding them)
·         E-mail/texting clients about Lead Box Promotion, referral contest, etc

Follow the "List Method" for 30 days and I guarantee you will be blown away by how much you push your business forward.

Dedicated to YOUR SUCCESS!


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