Top Trainer Secrets Revealed: Part-2

Greg Carbone is one of my top coaching clients who in less than six months has...

Skyrocketed his income from $6000 a month to $144,000 per year, told his wife to quit her job, and opened another completely "automated" boot camp location.

In this video, Greg reveals his "insider" secrets to:

  • Doubling your training income
  • How to be a massive action taker
  • How to have other trainers run your boot camp
  • How he finds trainers
  • How he phased himself having to train clients
  • How he pays trainers to teach your boot camp
  • The secret to working less and making more
  • How to take your business from ordinary to extraordinary

Enjoy, learn, act!

Your "committed to bringing you the freshest and coolest stuff ever" friend,
Steve ๐Ÿ™‚

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