Two Simple Secrets To Massive Productivity

picture-331I hope you had an incredible weekend!

I spoke at the Fitness Info Summit in Orlando Fl. on Friday and Saturday and had a TOTAL BLAST.

My presentation was on how to set your brain on "Automatic Success Mode"

It was so awesome to hang out with the COOLEST fitness professionals from all around the world.

During my presentation, I revealed two of my "secret weapons" for getting MASSIVE amounts of stuff done in my fitness business.

These two productivity secrets are SO SO SO SO easy, and you can implement them into your fitness business right away.


My first secret to getting TONS done is using "The List"

Just draw a big "T" on a piece of paper.

On top of the left side write the word DOMINATE, and on the right side put DELEGATE.

On the "dominate" side, write down the top things that you absolutely must do yourself, to propel your business forward.

Example - Marketing, talking to 20 people a day about getting on your program, closing new clients...

On the "delegate" side list the things that you can have someone else (your assistant) do to both maintain and grow your business.

Example - Putting ads on craigslist, paying bills, processing credit cards...

Here's what the list should look like (below)


My other secret to getting MASSIVE amounts of stuff done is my "In Vs On Chart"

You want to spend about 80% of your time working "on" your business by doing stuff like, marketing and closing clients, and only 20% of your time working "in"your business like training clients, teaching boot camps, and going over meal plans.

I use the chart below to make sure that I am spending at least 80% of my time on my business.

(Warning) the first time you use it, you may be SHOCKED at how little time you may be spending "on" your business.


Like I said, these two secrets to getting massive amounts of stuff done are WAY SIMPLE, and can be put into action immediately (like today)

So get ready to GET MORE DONE 🙂

Be sure to leave a comment with some of your best "productivity" tips, and how you're gonna take action on the ones you learned today.

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Rock on -


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