Understanding Fitness Business Marketing

It doesn’t matter what business you want to start or have already started, finding the right marketing strategy is going to be the way to get paying customers through the door, and fitness business marketing is no different.

You can’t be All Things to All People

You can learn a lot from looking at all kinds of advertising when planning a marketing campaign for your fitness business. Big name advertisers concentrate on one thing only when they set out to create a television ad for example.  Let’s say it’s a new kind of whitening toothpaste. The company may also make mouthwash, toothbrushes, shampoo, and soap and just about everything else you can find in a bathroom, but they concentrate on one item only to get their message across.


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In fitness business marketing you must concentrate on one thing to make your business stand out.

It’s a common problem – of course you want to attract customers by offering everything under the sun from Abercising to Zumba but if you do that you’ll never gain a reputation as a specialist. So before you start a marketing campaign decide what you want to do and specialize in one thing only.

You’re not a supermarket - you’re an exclusive boutique so to speak. That’s why fitness boot camps work so well when it comes to ease of promotion.

It’s time to sit down and decide what you like doing best. It’s your business after all, and if you’re going to spend your day doing things you hate and getting paid peanuts then what’s the point?  It will be soul destroying, and eventually you’ll become so jaded nobody will want your services.

Do something you love and they will come. Your passion and your dedication will be one of the best tools you have for attracting new clients and when you’re making hundreds of dollars an hour instead of just paying the bills, it’s amazing how your energy level and enthusiasm will increase!

Don’t worry about your Competitors

Results are the most important thing in the fitness business, whether you concentrate your efforts on helping clients lose weight or you work with young athletes. Find your niche. Of course it’s always wise to be aware of what your competitors are doing, but you should not be wasting your efforts on trying to undercut their prices or offering the latest exercise fad – because you know only too well those things come and go.

Why? Because most of them don’t work. I can’t stress enough, its results that matter in this industry. You can waste thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing but if you can’t provide the solution your clients need they’ll soon try something else.

People will gladly pay a premium for guaranteed results. Just like the toothpaste, if after a tube or two the customer doesn’t see results, she’ll buy something else.

Do some market research and find out what people want. Even with tangible products the answer will boil down to two things - results and value for money - two things that as a specialist and an expert in your field you can offer.

Fitness business marketing then becomes a lot easier. You can tell people why you’re not offering the latest fitness craze and why you’re not promoting the newest, worthless diet supplement. Potential clients who are serious about getting in shape will appreciate that and also understand why you’re not offering bargain basement, slave labor prices for your services.

Jack of All Trades (Master of None)

This is a very apt saying when it comes to the fitness business. We’ve already talked at length in other articles about why group training is so much more effective and lucrative for a fitness business.

Fit Body Boot Camp fitness business marketing is easy! It is a single package that embraces fitness, weight loss, cardio and all other necessary components essential for everyone to get in shape and stay in shape.  It’s a package that people can understand and therefore easy to promote.

What do you get with FBBC? Everything! Your clients and your business will be healthier and fitness business marketing will never be a problem again.


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