Wealth Is Measured By What You Can Give

picture-21The true meaning of wealth is not measured by what you have, but by what you can give.

And if your a regular on SH.com, then you're getting tons of great tips, strategies and tactics for MAKING the cash-o-la... And lot's of it.

And with money comes power, and with power comes the ability to help MASSIVE amounts of people in need.

For example, Bedros and I are using Fit Body Boot Camp to launch a nation wide charity to feed starving families called "Burn The Fat, Feed The Hungry"

Steve Hochman Inc. is working with abused and abandoned kids that have been pretty much lost and forgotten.

And my personal training studio, is giving free Saturday workouts if you bring a can of food or a toy that we will donate to a local shelter.

But you can give everyday... and it doesn't have to be much... for example:

Tell the Starbucks Barista that you really appreciate her.

Train 5 or 10 clients for free, and don't expect anything in return.

Make 10 people each day that you don't know smile.

At the toll both, pay for the stranger behind you.

Buy a shirt for someone you don't really know.

Get a thank you card and write how much you appreciate someones energy... and enclose a gift card... Give it to someone who wouldn't expect it.

Show genuine interest and attention to everyone you talk to.

Tell 10 people in a day what makes them so special.


And what's really cool is that it's scientifically proven that when you're giving, your energy vibrates on a much higher level, causing you to attract more "like" energy.

Like I say, If you want to GET MORE outta life, ya got to GIVE MORE in life.

So use your POWER toΒ  give and grow wealthy!

And be sure to leave a very special comment/commitment with how YOU will use your power to "Give and Grow Wealthy"

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