What The Hell Happened At FBS09

kissFBS09 was a friggin ROCK SHOW!  Nothing has ever come close... I'm still buzzing from it... Seriously I can barley type.  I think I pooped in my pants... (just kidding about the poop)

Meeting all the SteveHochman.com supporters and hearing about the INSANE amounts of success you were havening was easily one of the top 5 moments of my entire life.

Dude... The love at FBS09 was un-friggin-real!

So I want you to know that I mean this from the bottom of my heart... THANK YOU!

I am so proud of my two best friends Bedros Keuilian and Chris McCombs.  They completely DESTROYED it.

The undisputed innovator of blogging for profits Chris-mutha-fuckin-McCombs put on a sick Clinique on how to make multiple streams of income from your blog... Dude he broke it down like a mofo.

And my bro Bedros "How did I get this stain on my paints" Keuilian made the audience's head spin with MASSIVE "take immediate action" content!

Also my close friends Vince Delmonte and Valerie Waters brought the THUNDA big time!

Pete Shilling's cool as fuck!... Seriously I feel like we're brothers.
And so is Ryan Orrico, Pat Beith and my friend my down Unda Adam "Jatz Toohey.


FBS09 Had it ALL... Laughs, money getting, crazy-ass-videos, thousands of dollars in cash and prizes, alcohol and bloody violence!

That's right bloody violence!
See for yourself.

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But the HUGE highlight was to FINALLY reveal that PROJECT X is the greatest Boot Camp business model on the planet... Fit Body Boot Camp

In fact we accepted 31 badass go getting, massive action taking fitness professionals to be case studies and to document how fast they build there Fit Body Boot Camp to 6 figures in 60 days and be on track for opening locations 2, and 3... and then eventually hitting seven figures...


I'll be sending you video updates of the "Project X Experiment" so you can see the phenomenon in real time...

Oh, before I forget, the 31 Fit Body boot Camp territories have already been secured and we are not releasing any more for at least 60 days...  However, we will announce how you can get on the waiting list soon.

If you one of the cool mofo's at FBS09 leave a shout out below!

Talk to ya soon,

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