What To Do If You Get Bullied By A Gang Of Ten Year Olds

So there I was in my second home, Starbucks across the street from the HQ in Chino Hills, Ca. ordering my usual tall coffee, a trenta cup of ice, and a tall cup of ice...

Ok, so I guess I should probably explain about the order, I swear it makes total sense.

Ya see, I love iced coffee, but, one day I saw them making it.

What they do is pour the steaming hot coffee into a plastic container and then put it int0 the fridge to cool...

The problem with that is there are a ton of studies that show when you pour hot liquid into plastic containers it causes toxic chemicals to leach out...

Sooooo, to like, not die and stuff, I order a hot cup coffee, and a trenta (the extra large cup) of ice.

Then I ever so skilfully like a ninja, pour the hot coffee right over the center of the ice, and by the time it touches the sides, it's cool.

But some of the ice melts, so I take the second cup of ice, and top it off...

See, I swear I'm just being healthy and I don't have OCD, really I swear.

The problem with THIS is that when I go to any other Starbucks then my regular one I have to explain that I'm not being cheap, I could afford to buy a trenta iced coffee, it's just the whole ya know chemical thang.

Anyway, back to the story.

So I'm at the counter and I can hear kids behind me being really loud and rowdy.

I hear this, but, I'm not really thinking about it until I turn around and head to the other counter to pick up my tall cup of coffee and the cups of ice.

One of the ten year old kids (There was 4 of them) say to me, "Hey, get me a hot chocolate."

(I could see the other kids in the background, one was standing on the coffee table, the two were kicking a skate board back and forth)

I kinda looked at him like I was trying to figure out what he was saying, and he said it again, "Get me some hot chocolate..."

So I naturally said, "You want me to get you a hot chocolate?"

He said, "Ya, man, go get me one."

Ya know how sometimes something happens so out of place that it sort of make your brain kinda feel scrambled - Well this was one of those times.

So I said the only logical thing I could think of, "Um, no, that would be illegal."

Ok, I realize that was the lamest thing I could ever say... It pretty much made no sense...

Alright, it completely made no sense...

I was thinking that I wanted to open up a well deserved can of whoop-ass on these little punks, but hitting kids is pretty much illegal in every state.



He went on for what seemed like ten solid minutes.

Ok, now, I'm in a huge no-win situation here...

If I say anything, then I'm the guy, in Starbucks, arguing with a gang of punk ten year olds...

If I touch him, I go to jail...

And pretty much anything I say, the ten year old's comback would be, "DUUUURRRR, OH MY GOD, SO STUUUUPID, DUUUUR DRRRR DRRRR!"

For example, If I said, "Hey, that not cool, chill" the response is, DDDUUUUURRRRRR, THAT'S NOT COOL, OH MY GOOOOD, DRRRR DUUUURRRR DUUUURRRR...."

If I said, Do your parent know you're here?" the response would be, "DDDUUUUURRRRR, DO MY PARENTS KNOW I'M HERE, DUUURRRRR DRRR DRRR! DUR DUR DUUUUUR!"

See what I mean, I went over all possible scenarios and I was screwed.


At least not without breaking the law.

So I came up with two feasible options...

Option 1: Find some tougher ten year olds, buy them some skateboard and bikes and stuff, then bring them back to fight the other ten year olds.

Option 2: Stare at my shoes.

So I took option two, stared at my shoes, and left.

Why am I telling you all this you ask?

Because the whole time I was thinking that I this would make for a pretty funny blog post, so here it is.

Aaaand to say that having a sense of humor, being able to laugh at yourself and not taking yourself too seriously has definitely been a huge success factor for me.

But, just curious to see, what would you do in this situation... (Can't wait to see what you say)

Rock on!


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