What To Do Right Now To Reach Your Goals


Heeeey Steve Hochman here with a REALLY COOL guest post from my brother David.

The way I see it, whether your doing boot camp marketing, or teaching a boot camp, having the right mindset and setting your goals is key.

My little bro David has this super awesome way of bringing peace and focus to any situation, goal or conversation.

In this killer guest post, David lays out his step-by-step strategy for how to accomplish your
goals with the accuracy of a marksman.

Damn I love my little bro 🙂

Enjoy -



Before we start this exercise, it's important that we're on the same page when I say "Goals" and "Objectives", so let me define what I mean by those.

It's really simple though... Goals are your dreams, your desires, your bigger picture. Objectives are the tangible, concrete steps you take to reach your goals.

Here's an example of objectives. After you look this over, draw your own web of objectives.


Now, here are some examples of goals. After you look this over, draw your own web of goals.


Psychology has proven that there is something inside of you that automatically takes you to the goals you determine for yourself. For instance, when you're hungry, you imagine yourself eating the food of your choice, and then your mind automatically gives you all of the places around you that serve that kind of food.

When you focus on your goals, your mind automatically probes for the best way to accomplish those goals. All you have to do is close your eyes and imagine it. Here's something that will help -

My challenge for you:

If you're serious about accomplishing the goals and objectives you just wrote down, then take a few minutes to complete this exercise for the next 21 days. It takes 21 days to form a new habit, which includes our thought habits.

Breaking Free from Negative Thought:

Breaking Free

Breaking Free

Every night for the next 21 days, spend at least 15 minutes answering this question (you can spend longer if you feel inspired, but don't spend any less):

Why am I so successful, and how did I reach this success? Why do I deserve this success?

See, your sub-conscious doesn't know the difference between reality and imagination, so if you ask it a question, it will come up with an answer. Here, let me prove it for you:

What does a pink elephant look like?

After reading that question, can you help but imagine a pink elephant? This exercise works the same way.

Ask yourself the question above, and write down your answer. It may be difficult at first because you don't believe you're successful, but do your best, and I guarantee many answers will come.

Or try this:

If you're more artistic, every night for 21 nights draw a picture of what your successful life looks like. I recently started this exercise, and was amazed to find that the things I've drawn have already started coming to life.

In the past I've answered questions like the one above, and every time, what I write comes to life.

To your success,


(You can write whatever here - I just wrote this in case you got lazy and didn't feel like it J)

picture-27Hey, Steve here again...

I hope you got a TON out of my bros guest post... I just had to share it with you.

BTW - My bro just launched a kick ass blog full of some of the best copywriting and marketing tips I've ever read.

To learn more about David and check out his killer blog go here http://www.acupofcopy.net

And don't forget to leave him your comments!



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