Why you’re already a six-figure copywriter… but you just don’t know it

Here is another awesome guest post from my favorite brother David Tendrich.

Take it away David!

Copywriting is pretty friggin cool.

I mean, where else can you type up a few words, send’em out to the world, and make thousands of dollars, instantly?

Not too many places (I mean, unless you’re an author or something).

Do you write copy?

If not, why not!?

Don’t you see how cool it is? If you already do write your own copy, then skip this next part, but if you don’t, then…

Place a mental checkmark next to any of these ideas below that are holding you back from writing your own copy…

  • I’m not a good writer
  • It’s way too difficult
  • You need to know crazy psychological tactics to get people to buy
  • I just don’t know where to start
  • I don’t have the time
  • Ninjas cut off my finger tips so I can’t type
    Unless you placed a mental checkmark next to the last idea there, you ALREADY ARE a killer copywriter… you just don’t know it…

Let me explain…

Have you ever sold someone your training or boot camp in person?

The same exact process is used in writing copy. For instance, when you sell someone in person, you probably:

  • Find out why they want to lose weight
  • Find out what parts of their bodies they want to tone up the most
  • Find out what’s kept them from joining a program in the past
  • Find out what they’re skeptical/hesitant about

And then, you tell them how through your program:

  • They’ll lose weight in every one of the spots they listed
  • The things that held them back in the past no longer matter because (insert reasons here)
  • Why your program can be trusted, and why everything they’re skeptical about doesn’t apply to your program

And then, you get a client!

Why? Because you’ve listened to what their problems are, and offered them a very specific solution.

In copywriting, you do the SAME thing – only rather than doing it one person at a time – you do it to as many people you can get to your website.

So if you know the process of selling someone in person – you can sell them in type (unless ninjas cut off your finger tips – if that’s the case, you should look into dictation software).

Now, you might be wondering…

“How do I find out answers to all of these questions? I mean, when I sell someone in person, I ask them, and then I respond based on their answers. So how do I do this without that person telling me?”

Very simple.

Simply accumulate all of the answers to these questions from as many of your existing clients as you can. Find out which answers are the most common, and then talk about them in your copy.

For example…

If 9/10 women in your boot camp want toned thighs and arms – then in your copy that’s your focus point.

And as a bonus you can throw in stomach, hips, etc.

Also, if 9/10 of your clients are women – that’s who you want to focus on in your copy.

It’s the EXACT same process you’ve already done, time and time again.

Now it’s time to just write that process down, put it up on a website, and watch as the orders come rolling in.
And just to help you get started…

I’m offering 15 of my brother’s readers a totally FREE 15 min. session where I’ll answer any questions you have about copywriting, or take a look at your site and tell you how to improve it.

I’d take on more, but I’m pretty busy at the moment so I just handle about 15 right now.

So to get your free 15 minute call

Just write me at david.tendrich@gmail.com with the subject “15 min. call” and tell me you want it. Simple as that!

Then we’ll set up a time that’s good for both of us, and make it happen.


I really hope you’re planning on going to Fitness Business Summit this year – because I’m presenting on copywriting and I’d love to meet you.

Oh, one more thing…

I’m out of town until Monday, so I’ll write you back then and we’ll set up a time for our call.

Talk soon,


David is a sales copywritting and marketing expert.  Visit ACupOfCopy.net to learn more of David's high powered copy writing tactics.

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