How to Harness Unstoppable Motivation For Your Fitness Business

Guest post by Zach Hunt

p33-1I was always a little unusual as a kid, besides the fact that I never really talked to anyone in School (besides the teacher) I would usually read 1-2 books a week (while in class). Then go home, study computer programming books and work on that until like 2AM.

One thing I did have right was "I always stayed motivated to do my best at whatever my desire in life was".

Back then it was to learn as much as I could about programming languages (C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, whatever else). While programming has certainly come in handing creating my own website, my main motivation in life now is just massively crushing the competition in my fitness business here locally. That just brings a smile to my face just thinking about it.

p33-3Some of my favorite books on the topic of motivation, mindset and success are...

- "Psycho-Cybernetics", by Dan Kennedy.

If you haven't read this one yet, definitely check it out immediately.

- Goes right with "How To Win Friends And Influence People", for me, that one being about how to interact with others, this one how to interact with yourself (sorta).

It goes like this, "The essence of Psycho-Cybernetics is the accurate, calm, and ultimately automatic separation of fact from fiction, fact from opinion, actual circumstance from magnified obstacle, so that our actions and reactions are solidly based on truth, not our own or others' opinions."

  • Basically not limiting yourself based on your perceived limits or perceived limitations from others,
  • Letting yourself out of the box to just be bold, aggressive and fearless in your life.
  • There are so many great nuggets of truth in this book,

whenever I read this book I felt like jumping out and doing something bold and fearless.

p33-4One of my favorite strategies for motivation is the projection of a mental movie of an idealized future.

For example....

Whenever I wake up in the morning, one of my favorite mental movies is seeing other local studio / fitness business owners (I know of or have met a lot of them) in fear of what I'm doing with my company, they're saying things like, "You'd better watch out for Zach Hunt of Physzique, the dominate fitness studio in Spokane.", or, "It's hopeless with the search engines, he already owns them all."

Now if I were them, I would be afraid of me =) Every time I think that one, I just jump out of bed and run to my computer or something just to get moving forward.

p33-5I have a bunch of great mental movies that I run through my mind as I go to sleep and when I'm lying in bed in the morning after I pressed the snooze once.

I created a little sheet with a bunch of reminders....

  • For starters these mental movies encompassing all my favorite scenarios around my business, life, and whatever else is important to me.
  • I just run through them each day slipping into and out of consciousness.
  • As Psycho Cybernetics mentions, the time when your sub-conscious is most susceptible to influence is when you are slipping into and out of consciousness. I can certainly attest to this.

p33-6I'm sure you've had this happen to you before also. Ever feel tired one evening, maybe drifting off on the couch thinking about the next day, or next week of activities you've had. I did this just yesterday.

I had a talk at my local church on fitness, now normally this sounds like a breeze and it was when I did it, it was a ton of fun. But the night before I was feeling tired and when I thought about it, it seemed like something hard or something I was nervous about.

Never make an important decision when you are tired or worn out.

You'll make the cowardly and fearful decision.

In the book in mentions a story about a psychologist R.A. Vandll, who proved that mental practice in throwing darts at a target.

Wherein the person sits for a period each day in front of the target, and imagines throwing darts at it, improves aim just as much as a person actually throwing darts during a similar time period.

p33-7A similar study was done, on the effects of mental practice on improving skill in sinking basketball free throws.

  • One group actually practiced for 20 minutes a day on the free throws.
  • 2nd group did nothing during 20 days
  • 3rd group did nothing other than intensely imagine their free throws being a success

At the end the 1st and 3rd groups had the exact same improvement record, about 24%, while the 2nd group has no improvement to show.


Your brain is a powerful thing. And just like in Psycho Cybernetics,

p33-9It mentions how your brain cannot tell the difference between intensely imagined scenarios, and things that actually happen (in relation to your nervous system and your memory perspective).

There's a part in the book that talks about building your experience through mental imagery, meaning you can build your experience through the mere practice of imagining the events happening in your mind.

Pretty cool if you ask me.

And I'd prefer to build experiences of positive and successful stories, building my confidence for future business ventures.

p33-10This could be used for sales training, training groups, public speaking, calling big wigs, whatever.

One of my favorite quotes I run my life and fitness business by is, "The best way to become unstoppable is to refuse to stop."

When you make up in your mind that failure is never really even an option, you go beyond the point ofย  no return and fully commit your every day to doing your

best and making as much progress as humanly possible.

I have to tell you for example:

If I would of stopped after 6months into my fitness business...

I would have had zero clients ever. I'll admit I sucked hard when I first started my business.

p33-11I was like 20 just turning 21, didn't have a clue about marketing (If I only knew of Steve's human billboard strategy back then). I ended up getting my very first client through my website of all places.

Anyway, I refused to stop and it got better, much much better!

To learn more about the AMAZING Zach Hunt check out his

Be sure to leave Zach a comment about what you think.

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