Insane Interview With The #1 Fitness Business And Marketing Authority In The Friggin World… Bedros Keuilian!

p17-1Holy Shit!

This was one totally INSANE interview with the undisputed king fitness business, Bedros Keuilian!

Bedros happens to be one of my best buds in the whole world, in-fact, we even go on man-dates together once a month. (but that's a whole nother story)

You seriously don't want to miss one word of this interview as I grill the HELL-OUT-A Bedros to find out just what makes this dude tick.

I mean it, don't even blink during this interview cuz it's JAM-PACKED with Business GOLD!

p17-2How he went from homeless to millionaire (technically not homeless cuz he lived in his 1979 pickup)

Why it's powerful to think like an information provider

What Bedros does right before he goes to bed (It has to do with something  hard)

The right way to extract money

Did Bedros have boobies???

Bedros's little mind control secret

p17-3What's so important about 18 inches

Why it can be good to have ADD

Top 3 biggest profit killing mistakes boot camp instructors and trainers are making

The single biggest thing you can do RIGHT THIS SECOND to seriously increase your profits

Bedros Keuilian is is not only a super cool dude, But he rakes in several MILLION $$ per year being the #1 fitness guru.

To learn more about Bedros  and get TONS of FREE out-of-the-box fitness building strategies visit

Ps.  I think Bedros has a few spots left for his Fitness Business Summit 09 You can check it out here.

Or you can download it below by right clicking and "save target as" or "save link as"
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