Rare Video Of Boot Camp Coaching Client Getting A Live Critique

I teamed up with one of my boot camp coaching clients today and taught the class WITH her.  (I had a blast and lost my voice, too)

I asked her if it would be cool to share her boot camp review on my blog and she said "yup, no problem"  (That was way cool of her since this video was just for her)

This girl is gonna be a ROCKSTAR.  She has only been teaching boot camp for 2 weeks and already has 20 people a class!

In this NEVER BEEN VIEWED video, my boot camp marketing client gets critiqued right after her workout.

During this short 5:42 video we cover:

  • Kick ass vs. lame ass themes
  • Dangerous Ab exercises
  • Acting like an AUTHORITY!
  • And American Idol

Enjoy -

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10 Comments "Rare Video Of Boot Camp Coaching Client Getting A Live Critique"

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