5 Components of a Fitness Marketing Funnel

A Fitness Marketing Guest Blog Post By Bedros Keuilian

Want to know a way to make your fitness marketing strategies more effective?

You need a marketing funnel to help you do just that.

What’s a marketing funnel?online-gym-marketing-370x200

A marketing funnel is a system that collects prospects and potential clients in one spot and then determines if those leads are ready to be turned from lookers into buyers. It is vitally important to your fitness business, but is often overlooked due most people not knowing how to go about developing one that actually works.

Your marketing funnel needs to be able to effectively bring in new leads and prospects on a consistent basis, teach your prospects about the products and services that you offer, and demonstrate how they’ll make your client’s life better so that those individuals will turn into customers who are more than happy to pay for your services.

A lot of the time, fitness trainers don’t really have a complete marketing funnel… they tend to have some parts there, but it’s not thought out well enough to pull in big enough profits. There’s just too many potential clients that fall into the cracks because their funnel isn't set up like it should be.

So, why do you need a marketing funnel? Because if you have any interest in growing your personal training business, then you're going to need a solid system that generates leads over the long term, which will help you to increase your profits.

Here's how your fitness marketing funnel should look:

1) Referrals should be your "go to" source of new clients when you're building your fitness marketing machine. However, unless you have enough clients to start with, it's kinda hard to build your business on referrals only.

2) Online traffic matters. Marketing on Facebook and sending traffic to a site that converts (opt in or low barrier offer) is one of the most reliable funnels right now.

Next is Google local, Yelp, and YouTube All three of these sites rank super high for local search results and can drive you a ton of FREE traffic in the form of very qualified leads and prospects.


3) Deal of the Day promotions are still one of the top fitness marketing tactics you can use to get new clients - IF and ONLY if you make the right offer and have a systematized processes for converting deal buyers into long term paying clients.

4) Offline advertising still performs. Networking with local "feeder" businesses is easy and reliable. Folks still get and read their mail. Direct mail letters and postcards to targeted homes, making the right offer is still performing really well.

In fact, just three weeks ago one of my coaching clients sent out a four page direct mail marketing piece for her fitness business. She out the letters to 500 homes within three miles of her studio.

The entire campaign cost her $1800 which included the addresses, postage, printing, and having each envelope hand addressed. So far shes' gotten $23,600 in new training clients.

Good' ol direct mail still works.

5) List building and email marketing keep clients on tap. Create an email promotion, mail it out to your list, and get clients.

It's easy, low cost, and if you have a good relationship with your list then your results will be awesome each time you mail out.

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