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How To Get A Free 60-Minute Coaching Call With Me

Posted by on June 22, 2009 at 8:32 am

p43-1I'm gonna tell you about how to get a free 60 minute coaching call with me in just a minute.

(My coaching clients usually make $6,279 within 1 week after the first call from one secret that I give them)

But first I want you to know how FRIGGIN COOL it was at FBS09 to meet so many peeps that made boat loads of cash-o-la form my blog.

One girl made 24k in two weeks with one of my tips... That was AWESOME 😀

Seriously, my #1 passion in life, besides being a daddy and husband, is helping fitness professionals make TONS of MULLA.

It's like an addiction... I literally get a high from it.

(Is that weird? Cuz I was on a lot of ADD meds as a kid and I think it messed with my brain a little)

So here's how to get a free 60 Minute
coaching call with me...

p43-2Leave a comment with exactly how my blog has helped you to over come an obstacle and make more money.

Be very specific...
What were you struggling with?

What was the tip, tactic or strategy that you applied?

Exactly how much money did you make?
How long did it take?

The blog is great, but there's nothing like one-on-one live mentoring.

After you leave your detailed comment, my assistant Ariel will contact you and set up your coaching call.

I can't wait to read your success story!

Talk to ya soon


The 2 Biggest Solutions to the 1,000 Biggest Mistakes People Make in Copywriting

Posted by on June 12, 2009 at 8:41 pm

Guest post by David Tendrich (My little bro)

But before you read this AMAZING post and instantly become a better "cash pulling" sales copy writer...Check out this footage of what happened when the Hochman's and the Keuilian's went to San Diego


Now read this...

p41-1Nope, no typo in the title....

These truly are 2 solutions to 1, 000 mistakes. Actually, it's probably way more mistakes than that, because people make these mistakes so many times throughout one individual website that when you add'em all up, it's probably closer to like . . . 1, 005.

And it's these 2 solutions that determine if all of the copy you're writing from the first word you put down is going to be on the right track, or on, well, the only other option, the wrong track?

p41-31. The most important thing in copywriting...

Here are the most important things you need in copywriting:

  • A brain. Preferably a human brain.
  • I'm not really sure where I'm going with this. I don't really have a list of 3 things
  • I might be out of my mind

I'm almost certain that the most important thing in copywriting is being able to "Connect to whoever is reading what you wrote". And what's the best way to do that?

p41-4I find it's to talk to your audience....

This sounds simple, but it's so powerful. The key word there is "talk." Pretend you're actually talking to your audience!

If you were in a face-to-face conversation, what would you say to sell your business?

Here's a simple exercise...

31 Boot Camp Marketing Tips

Posted by on June 10, 2009 at 9:28 am

Hey, before you enjoy your 31 Boot Camp Marketing Tips, Be sure to get the most INSANE and KILLER free boot camp marketing bonus gifts I've ever given - EVER!

Just enter your name and email in the box to the right where it says FREE BUSINESS TOOLS


1.   It's Show Time

Treat your fitness boot camp like a show!  You're not teaching a boot camp, you're giving a friggin performance...  Act like the MAIN EVENT

2.  Bring the ENERGY!

It's the difference between a good boot camp and a great boot camp. It's the difference between your boot camp and the one down the street.  Anyone can stand there and count reps.

Pretend you're on a TV show in front of the nation... And friggin BRING IT!

3.  Stay Vertical

Demonstrate exercises without getting on the ground... Not everyone can hear or see you and it takes to long...  Plus it sucks when people are standing around so

p40-24.  Go A.P.E.


Give each and every client MASSIVE appreciation every workout,

Stay passionate by constantly learning new kick butt workouts.

And bring the enthusiasm by linking your boot camp to achieving your life dream.

5.  Be the Alpha Male Of The Group (AMOG)

And that means FEMALE instructors too... Yep that's right...

You're clients, especially the female ones, naturally follow the AMOG's.  So be the AUTHORITY.

(Tip) Make needless corrections... like telling your clients to move their feet in ½ an inch...  Clients will work harder... and get better results... If they're CONVINCED you're the AMOG authority!

Evil Fitness And Boot Camp Marketing

Posted by on June 6, 2009 at 9:18 pm

Guest post by Leanne Ellington

p39-1Dude my girl Leanne Ellington is on a friggin ROLL so I just had to share this "Hitting the nail on the head" guest post with you... (I know she just did a guest post a week ago, but this is the SHIZNIT)

Enjoy -

One of the most powerful teaching modes out there is to simply learn from other people's experiences-whether good or bad. You can learn a lot by watching how others execute tasks, mingle with their inner-circle, and manage, micromanage, or even dictate.

After watching one of my most favorite villains time and time again kick-ass, take names, intimidate the crap out of people, and then still inevitably fail, I think we can take away a lot from... Dr. Evil!

Let's take a look at his most memorable action steps...

Gather the World's Most Deadliest Assassins...

p39-2Dr. Evil formed his crew by getting together a group of the finest, most inherently evil, most cunning and ruthless individuals on the planet, and they would take care of his dirty work for him.

He chose these people particularly because he knew that no one else would get the job done properly, efficiently, and according to his precise instructions.

He didn't waste his time or try to save nickels and dimes by getting people half as good. He knew what he wanted, and he went out there and got the best.

Are you messing around with... bonehead staff, subpar employees, negative and pessimistic colleagues and friends, or human billboards that aren't pulling their weight? Do you arm yourself with the best people that are capable of doing thingsp39-3 the way you want them to be done?

Are you involved in masterminds, fitness and boot camp marketing conferences and events, and hanging around people that possess the qualities that you also find important and wish to possess yourself?

If you couldn't answer, "YES" to all these questions, you need to gather your group of "deadly assassins" that can help you get wherever it is you are going after.

You have the choice to hang out with the crème de la crème, the best of the best-that goes for people working for you or with you. Haters, crabs, and life-suckers will only move you backwards. It's as simple as that.


How To Close 9 Out Of 10 Clients

Posted by on June 3, 2009 at 8:49 pm

I was GRILLING my best bud, the undisputed KING of fitness marketing Bedros Keuilian on his legendary CLOSING and SALES Tactics when that Leonard Wakerski guy did something so UNETHICAL, that you wont even believe it!



So the way I see it, you have TWO options...

Option #1

Order Leonard Wankerski's
"How To Trick Clients
Into Hiring You"
for $4997.00



Option #2

Order Bedros Keuilian's,
"How to Close
9 out of 10 Clients
on Big Ticket Packages" DVD
for $57 bucks



Can you believe that Leonard Wankerski guy?

How can he possible come out with a better product than my man Bedros who makes MILLIONS of DOLLARS a year with the very same sales strategies that he put on his close clients DVD for just $57 bucks

Grab your copy here (before there all gone)

And be sure to leave a comment if you have any Leonard Wankerski's in YOUR life... You know, those people that tell you:

-You can't

- you're not smart enough

- you're not good enough

- It won't work

Cuz those dudes need to be KICKED TO THE CURB immediately! (Like yesterday)

5 Killer Success Principles

Posted by on May 25, 2009 at 10:18 pm


I just interviewed THE GREAT Jaya Figueras on his five steps to becoming a badass boot camp instructor.

It was more like his five steps to becoming a BADASS HUMAN... Period.

...And as usual, he over delivered like a mofo!

Jaiya even gives 1 tip that will instantly separate you from 99.9 percent of other boot camp instructors and personal trainers.

One of the coolest things about this interview is that Jaiya explains his 5 principles of success in such a simple way... ANYONE can do it.


But I've gotta WARN YOU!

p35-3The first 11 minutes and 39 seconds of this interview are NOT for t he easily offended or easily grossed out!

However, if you're like me, you'll laugh your ass off because it has to do with two VERY EMBARRASSING things that happened to Jaiya LOL

So it's your choice...

Skip the hilarious but gross stories and start the audio at 11 minutes and 30, or, BRACE YOURSELF and listen to the whole enchilada!



Or you can download it below by right clicking and "save target as" or "save link as"
Interview with Jaiya

To learn more abut Jaiya Figueras and his 5 success principals go to

Be sure to leave a comment with your BIGGEST TAKE-AWAYS from this interview... And also leave some of your own success tips.

How To Rock Your Fitness Boot Camp Profits By Adding Boxing Workouts

Posted by on May 23, 2009 at 11:42 am

p34-11I interviewed this MANIAC from Brooklyn New York named Bryan Ortiz AKA "The Fitness Demon"

He's been KILL'N it with his boot camps in Brooklyn and making them stand out from his competition by adding boxing to his workouts.

This has had two HUGE impacts on his boot camp profits because...

  1. He is getting more clients with his boot camp marketing because it's different then his competition (He has TONS of competition in NYC)
  2. p34-2aBecause there are so many variations of boxing workouts, his boot camp workouts stay FRESH and NEW which ads HEAPS of VALUE and longer CLIENT RETENTION.

I know that to stay PASSIONATE you have to constantly learn new ways to KICK your client's butts...

You know how when you learn a cool new routine your like, "Oh, your gonna get it today... I got a new workout that's gonna kick your butt!"

You get excited and your boot campers get excited!

Remember my A.P.E principals

p34-3aAppreciation -
ALWAYS profusely THANK your clients when they come in... And thank them for a great workout when they leave!

Passion -
Stay passionate by constantly learning new stuff, and kicking your client's butts with it... It ads TONS of VALUE and they'll love ya for it.

Enthusiasm -
Know what your life's DREAM is... And when you get up in the morning and go to your boot camp... Don't do it for ypur clients... Do it because it's the next logical step to achieving your LIFE'S DREAM.

You'll End up delivering WAY more ENERGY then your clients expect... And it will be a HUGE WIN-WIN for both of you!


How to Harness Unstoppable Motivation For Your Fitness Business

Posted by on May 16, 2009 at 10:12 am

Guest post by Zach Hunt

p33-1I was always a little unusual as a kid, besides the fact that I never really talked to anyone in School (besides the teacher) I would usually read 1-2 books a week (while in class). Then go home, study computer programming books and work on that until like 2AM.

One thing I did have right was "I always stayed motivated to do my best at whatever my desire in life was".

Back then it was to learn as much as I could about programming languages (C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, whatever else). While programming has certainly come in handing creating my own website, my main motivation in life now is just massively crushing the competition in my fitness business here locally. That just brings a smile to my face just thinking about it.

p33-3Some of my favorite books on the topic of motivation, mindset and success are...

- "Psycho-Cybernetics", by Dan Kennedy.

If you haven't read this one yet, definitely check it out immediately.

- Goes right with "How To Win Friends And Influence People", for me, that one being about how to interact with others, this one how to interact with yourself (sorta).

It goes like this, "The essence of Psycho-Cybernetics is the accurate, calm, and ultimately automatic separation of fact from fiction, fact from opinion, actual circumstance from magnified obstacle, so that our actions and reactions are solidly based on truth, not our own or others' opinions."

  • Basically not limiting yourself based on your perceived limits or perceived limitations from others,
  • Letting yourself out of the box to just be bold, aggressive and fearless in your life.
  • There are so many great nuggets of truth in this book,

whenever I read this book I felt like jumping out and doing something bold and fearless. (more…)

The 5-Step Method to Creating KILLER Craigslist Ads that will INSTANTLY Boost your Fitness Business

Posted by on May 11, 2009 at 9:05 am

By David Tendrich (Steve Hochman's little bro)

p32-1My little bro is making piles of extra cash-o-la in his spare time from his guitar lessons biz while he's going to college. To be honest, when I was his age I was throwing water balloons at dudes from the 7th floor of the dorms.  Damn I miss that... Good times.

But what's really cool is that he gets 100% of his clients by marketing on craigslist all for FREE!
(I guess this business stuff runs in the family or something cuz he's KILLING IT)

So my little bro wrote this 5 five step fitness marketing system that will have you dominating Craigslist too. (He really went ALL OUT SO BE SURE TO LEAVE A COMMENT J)

Step 0: What you MUST do before you write an ad!

In order to effectively tell people why your service is so great, you have to know for yourself. I'm sure you know why you're the best out there, but maybe you've never put it into words.

Create two lists:

  • List 1 is an in-depth list of every service you offer
  • List 2 is a list of all the benefits someone would receive from hiring you.

Go into as much detail as possible. You will draw from these lists to write your whole ad.

Now onto the actual ad . . .