Successful Boot Camp Marketing Doesn’t Include You

Read the following two marketing messages and tell me which one feels more powerful to you:

Option A:
Fit Body Boot Camp offers personal training at the lowest possible prices. We provide the most powerful weight loss workouts available and we have the best nutritional consultations money can buy.
Our Unstoppable Fitness Formula guarantees results. No one else can make that claim.

Option B:
Have you ever gotten real weight loss results from a gym?
Well, Fit Body Boot Camp isn’t a gym. But it is where you’re going to get the kind of fitness results you see on those cheesy TV commercials. (Yes, your abs can actually look like that.)
If you don’t know, Fit Body Boot Camp is personal training that won’t bankrupt you, workouts that will get you the body you want, and nutritional meal plans you’ll love to eat.

Which of these do you think would bring you more clients? Or better yet, if you were a prospect, which one would compel you the most?

I know which one would work better. See, I wrote one of these options while purposely committing the same fatal mistake nearly all fitness marketers commit when marketing. Did you spot it?

Well, let’s look at what’s different between the two:

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4 Easy Tips to Help You Make the Sale

The hardest section of your sales funnel is, without a doubt, the transition from prospect to client.

As people move from total stranger to lead to prospect, you know you’re going to lose a lot of them. Your boot camp won’t be right for everyone and that’s OK. And the ones you do get are easy because these stages don’t take much effort or commitment on their part. Essentially, those first stages are all the easy sections of your marketing funnel; it’s the transition from prospect to client that's so difficult.

Sales FunnelIt’s not impersonal marketing anymore. It isn't anonymous fire and forget. No, when you’re converting a prospect into a customer it’s all about in-person, face to face interaction.

You may have read about this stage of the process before, and that’s because it's complicated. If you want detailed instruction about how to consistently make sales, step by step, there's lots of content out there for you to check out.

But today’s post is a short, detailed list of the four most important tips and ticks to remember when you’re transforming a prospect into a client. Keep these guidelines in mind throughout your entire interaction with your prospect and you’ll have a much easier time converting them into a client.

#1: Guarantee Results

No qualifying, no pussyfooting, and no half-truths. Don’t say they could get results or they might get results or, “it depends on how hard you work.”


You guarantee they will get the results they want. Give them a reasonable timeframe, tell them exactly how their body is going to look and feel, and promise it to them.

Does that make you nervous? Why? Don’t you believe in your services?

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Motivators Need Motivation Too

How often do you deal with a client who has lost all motivation? They’ve either told you flat-out, or you can tell by their lack of dedication, that they just don’t want to be in your boot camp anymore.

All the time, right? For someone who has lived an unhealthy lifestyle for decades, even for the majority of life, it can be extremely hard to make such difficult changes. And so, naturally, clients get discouraged.

Post 13And it’s understandable, right? Results don’t come as fast for some people as they do with others, eating plain chicken breast every single night gets old fast, and high intensity exercising is miserable for unhealthy people.

So what do you do? Well, I’m sure you have come up with all kinds of ways to keep people motivated.

So, what does this have to do with you and your FBBC location? Why are you reading all of this information you already know full-well? Because, believe it or not, there will be times when you, as a Fit Body Boot Camp owner, get discouraged.

And for all the same reasons, too. Maybe you feel like other locations are growing faster than yours. Maybe you’re just sick and tired of the management and financial responsibilities that come with being a business owner. Maybe you’re just ready for a vacation.

But whatever the reason may be, there will be times when you, as an owner, get discouraged. You get down: down on yourself, down on your businesses and your performance, down on your life.

So how do you get back up again? How do you get motivated and excited like you were when everything first started rolling with this new business?

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Your Time is Your Money

Do you think Oprah Winfrey cleans the bathroom in her sound stage? Have you ever heard of Bill Gates dusting the furniture in his office? Can you picture Mark Cuban polishing a basketball court?

I thought not.

Bill GatesWhen I Imagine the lives of major businesspeople, movies stars, successful money-makers, I don’t see them doing mundane tasks. And yes, that’s because they’re filthy rich. They have shmucks like us do anything that isn’t glamorous enough for them.

But there’s more to it than that.

How does Bill Gates bring success to his massive entrepreneurial empire? It definitely isn’t by dusting his office furniture.

He’s brokering mergers, making deals, approving new project developments— he’s doing the big stuff. Everything that really matters, the jobs and the decisions that make him the big-bucks, those are the only things he spends his valuable time doing.

And this isn’t just because he’s too good for chores. Sure, ego and sense of self-worth probably factor in, but this attitude is more practical than you might realize.

Whenever Gates or Winfrey or Cuban commit time to anything other than a major, important business decision, their inefficiency is losing them massive amounts of dollars. Menial tasks, while absolutely crucial, are not going to help these leaders live up to their managerial responsibilities.

It isn’t just that they are to good for this kind of work, it’s that they shouldn’t ever do this kind of work. Time worth millions of dollars should never be spent on tasks that bring a few cents.

And while these examples are quite extreme, the exact same principle applies to you and your business.

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3 Success Secrets Your Challenges Could be Missing

There’s something about a challenge that just gets people fired up. It doesn’t work for everyone, but for a lot of people, a challenge can be irresistible. They want to know if they can beat it, they want others to know they can beat it, and at the very least, they want to try.

That’s why we run our challenges, because of the visceral reaction they elicit.

14 Day Fat Furnace


But there are right ways and wrong ways to put out these special offers. And if you get it wrong, it can be devastating for your boot camp.

Think about it, to keep your Boot Camp growing and keep your client base increasing, you have to keep filling your sales funnel, right? We’ve talked a lot about these in the past, they are what we call the series of steps our prospects move through as they go from being interested individuals to paying clients.

And we’ve explored many passive ways to keep that sales funnel full, because that’s how you operate an effective business. It’s not sustainable to be working like crazy to keep filling your funnel from nothing all the time. We teach you to put systems into place (like human billboards or email marketing) that keep filling the funnel overtime, all the time.

But occasionally, your funnel starts to run dry or you lose a lot of clients all at once, and you need to dumb a huge number of prospects into that funnel to keep things moving upward. And that’s where the challenge comes in.

But that’s also what makes the challenge so crucial. You rely on the power of the challenge to boost your client numbers when things start to slow down. If something goes wrong, your boot camp is going to be in trouble.

To make sure that never happens, I’ve put together the following dos and don’ts for Fit Body Boot Camp Challenges.

1) Make a Big Fat Claim.

If you want people to have a big reaction to your offer, it needs to stir things up a bit. If you want attention and you want reaction, you’ve got to stick your neck out there. While I strongly advise against promising anything you can’t deliver, I do encourage you to make a big fat claim about your program and the results you can bring people. If you want to get someone fired up, tell them exactly how you can change their lives or their bodies.

Make an impressive promise.Man holding megaphone

The catch, though, is that you sure as hell had better deliver on that promise.

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Why Your Fit Body Boot Camp is Better than Anything Your Competitors Can Offer

Making the sale is, for many owners and trainers, the hardest part of operating a boot camp. They don’t have a problem with the training, they can handle the numerous challenges that come with operating a successful fitness boot camp business, but they are deathly afraid of making the sale and closing the client.

And this fear bleeds into their marketing efforts. They can’t write powerful, engaging copy because they aren’t nosalescomfortable making a sale. And whatever marketing campaigns they create don’t seem to have the ‘umph’ required to make people take action.

So when I coach these owners and try to show them how they can get the confidence and the tools they need to become effective salespeople, I usually find their consistent failure  stems from the same recurring problem: they are selling the wrong thing.

Think for a minute about what exactly you are buying when you purchase a membership to a big box gym.

You’re getting access to a massive, state of the art facility packed full of the most powerful fitness and weight loss tools available. Dozens of machines of all different types and purposes, everything from treadmills to stairclimbers, ellipticals and bikes— whatever you can think of, it’s there. Hundreds of free weights, bench presses, and anything else you need to get ripped. There’s even racquetball courts, yoga studios, Olympic sized swimming pools, saunas, hot tubs, showers, lockers, bathrooms. It’s all there.

And what does your boot camp offer? Well, virtually none of these things. It’s a fraction of the size and has little more than squishy mats and giant ropes hanging off the walls.

So how do you make a sales pitch that can compete with everything the big gyms have to offer? Hopefully it’s obvious by now that you shouldn’t be selling any physical thing that your boot camp offers. Clients can access whatever you’ve got and ten times more at their local gym, so that strategy isn't going to work for you.

So what should you sell, then? How can you compete with these seemingly overwhelming odds?

Actually, it’s easy.

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How to Guarantee Endless Referrals for Your Boot Camp

referralsWhen we start a Fit Body Boot Camp we hold Grand Opening events, create huge low-barrier offers, and promote the heck out of the new location in order to fill the roster and make sure we get enough prospects in order to sign up a sustainable number of new clients.

But these types of campaigns are really only designed for the first months or maybe the first year of a Boot Camp’s life. Expending this much energy and resources shouldn’t be an ongoing strategy. We shouldn’t have to work tirelessly for months and months on end to constantly overflow our sales funnel with thousands of new prospects every week.

Instead, we should only need to flood the funnel in the beginning, establish a reliable clientele base, and then merely top the funnel off with the rest of our marketing efforts.

So how do we get to this point?

Well, we can do this with occasional promotions. 14-Day Fat Furnaces, 28-Day Flat Belly Challenges, these are great low-barrier offers that we can return to whenever we need a small boost in client numbers or maybe when we expand and grow into larger or multiple facilities.

But what about a weekly, daily strategy that guarantees a constant stream of prospects and clients throughout the year?

Hopefully you’ve all anticipated me by now and you are thinking “referrals” to yourselves because you already know that referrals are the only way to create this kind of constant trickle.

So how do we bring in these highly sought-after yet hard to generate referrals?

The secret to ensuring you always have this kind of reliable referral flow is what we here at Fit Body Boot Camp call the Human Billboard Method.

And it all works because of the 80/20 rule.

If you’re confused, don’t worry, just keep reading and it will all make sense in a minute.

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Forget Fitness Boot Camp- It’s Time for Business Boot Camp

When was the last time you took a long, hard look at your entire business model, your business processes and procedures, and your employee efficiency, and completely gutted those established systems to make way for new and improved methods?

Last year? Two years ago? Have you ever done something this?Evaluate Time

Well, perhaps a complete overhaul might not be the greatest idea, but I am certain there are areas of your business, maybe small pockets or possibly massive sections, in need of in-depth evaluation and restructuring.

Businesses spring leaks. There are always issues and problems that develop over time or hide in the shadows until you seek them out and discover them. Fit Body Boot Camp has some complicated and complex systems, with nuances and details unique to each location and each owner. There’s no getting out of it, there will be problem areas that develop with your business structure— this is normal and unavoidable.

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Want More Boot Camp Clients? Here’s 24 Proven Ways to Get Them.

Whether you’ve just opening and are still establishing your client base, or you are a seasoned pro looking to expand your business, here are 24 unique and powerful methods to get clients through your door.

These are some of my best ideas, developed over years of trail and error, so don’t miss this opportunity to maximize your money making potential.

New ClientsWithout wasting any of your time, here’s what you came for— 24 Incredible Client-Getting Strategies:

1. Be a passionate, enthusiastic, and likable trainer. Keep your energy as high as you can manage. Back in my personal trainer management days I did a survey with the clients of over 50 trainers. I asked these clients what they looked for in a personal trainer more than anything else and the most common answers were: passion, enthusiasm, likability, and energy.

2. Make it known that client referrals are always an uncompromised condition of doing business with you. Regularly ask for them, reward your clients when they make them, and express a lot of praise in front of the other clients when someone brings one.

3. To constantly bring new prospects through your funnel, always run new promotions that offer lower cost and shorter time commitment than usual. Use my 21-Day Rapid Fat Loss Program, or 14-day abs and buns program, or try a 7-day flat tummy program, then convert these clients into regular ongoing clients. The key here is to make sure each program is under 30 days and costs less that $100 dollars— that’s the suite spot.

4. Dial for dollars about once every month (email is another great way to do the same thing). Hit the phones (or the keyboard) and start getting in touch with all your previous clients. Reactivate former accounts by making special low-barrier offers and attractive incentives.

5. Do weekly grocery store tours, educate the public about yourself and the effectiveness of your Boot Camp System, and then present low-barrier offers with every outreach program you create.

6. Schedule at least one “lunch and learn” with a local business that employs ten or more individuals. Present 20 minutes of content, hold a 10 minute Q&A session, then make an irresistible offer. Business to Business outreach not only brings you clients in the short-term, but establishes a steady referral stream by broadcasting a positive reputation for you and your Boot Camp.

7. Present all new clients with a certificate that allows them to bring a friend along with them during their first week of Boot Camp sessions. New members are excited, pumped, and want to tell all their friends about how great their new healthy choices are: these are the easiest referrals and conversions you’ll get.

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