How To Close 97% Of Clients In 6 Words Or Less

I clearly remember that empty feeling as I was driving home from an intro session -Those six heart wrenching words rattled around my noggin. "I-NEED-TO-THINK-ABOUT-IT."

And that's not all

There's five more phrases that have had the same instant "buzz kill" affect on me...

p5_11.     I need to discuss it with my spouse.

2.     I have to check my finances.

3.     I can't afford it.

4.     I need to see if I can fit it in my schedule.

5.     I don't want to start today, I was just "checking it out." (WTF!)

I would much rather have someone say that they didn't like the workout, or I smell, or I just totally suck (Ok, that would be pretty bad too).

But here is the good news.

You are about to learn how to NEVER have that happen again... EVER!
(And no, It does not involve using a 44 magnum) It's actually way simple.

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How My Human Billboard Fitness Marketing Strategy Made One Trainer $3,315 In 4 Days

hbb1Last week one of my favorite trainers (Who is smoking hot!!!) sent me a pretty crazy text.

Here is what it said.

"Hey Steve, here's the real deal. My boyfriend and I broke up a week ago and I moved out. I've been living out of my car and staying with friends all over Orange County and it's really starting to suck. I need to blow up my business HUGE in the next 3-6 weeks cuz if I don't by then, I'll have run out of places to stay. Can I do this and will you help me?"

So I did what anyone in my position would have done... I told her she can stay with me (Kidding)

I said I would help her create a what I call a "Human Billboard" lead generating email.

hbb2Now, for an email to be a lead magnet it has to have what I call the big 3:

1. An attention grabbing subject line. If your subject line looks spamy or boring, it won't get opened.

2. A compelling story. This is critical because it gets your prospects defenses down and softens them up for your pitch. If you don't give your prospect a darn good reason for your special offer, then they will be skeptical.

3. A clear CALL TO ACTION. You gotta tell them exactly what to do, how to do it, and what they will miss out on if they don't do it right away.

I cut and pasted the exact email that pulled $3,315 in 4 days below.

See if you can figure out why it worked so well...

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The Difference Between Stupid Fitness Trainers And Successful Entrepreneurs



I just got off the phone with a fitness trainer that I KNOW will never make six-figures and MAY eventually have to get a second job...


Mind set, ego, pride, arrogance, he “knows it all”

So now that I’m revved up it’s time for me to get on my “soap box” for a little rant!

If you have been stuck with the same 6 to 10 clients for the last six months…News flash, what your doing AINT WORKING!

Get some help from people who consistently make 6 to 7 figures in your industry cuz chances are it’s not by ACCIDENT...

If you want to get to a certain income level in your fitness business then follow this 3-step-plan used by successful entrepreneurs.

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Killer Interview With 7 Figure Studio Owner Sam Bakhtiar


In this Interview 7 Figure Sam "The Studio Killer" Bakhtiar holds NOTHING back as he reveals how he uses system and outsourcing to make over a million dollars a year with his fitness studio.

Your gonna definitely want to get out your pen and paper for this interview with Sam Bakhtiar as he shares how he grew is personal training studio.

And what ever you do don't blink because every second is filled with PT biz gold.


Sam Interview

Or you can download it below by right clicking and "save target as" or "save link as" Download MP3

Ps. At 6 minutes and 10 seconds into the interview, Sam give away his simple, but genius client retention technique...

Pss. At about 15 minutes into the interview Sam describes the exact method he uses to consistently turn a $3,200 investment into $50,000!

Also, here's the program that 7 figure Sam Bakhtiar uses to get more lead and clients, and a great video for you to watch as well.



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10 Ways To Get Your Clients To RAVE About You

I was chilling in my Jacuzzi in my backyard tonight just letting my mind wander.

And it hit me

I can teach marketing tactics to personal trainers and boot camp instructors all day but it wont do a damn bit of good if you can't get clients to truly love you... I didn't say like you... I said friggin LOVE you!

So I grabbed my cell phone (almost dropped it in the water) and recorded a memo of ten things fitness trainers can do to get clients to RAVE about you!

1. Give your clients needless corrections to position you as an authority. This makes clients feel like they are getting even more value from you. When you make these "needless" corrections, act like it is the most important thing in the world (but only an expert like you would understand it)


When clients are doing squats my favorite is to say, "Bring your left foot out 2 millimeters... Perfect!"

2. Energy! Crank it WAY up! So many fitness trainers are stale and boring... F#$k that... Each session is a performance... It's Showtime!

3. Greet your clients like a dog.

4. One of the strongest human emotions is the desire feel important.When you client walks in at like she's the friggin president of the United States!

5. Give off a huge client appreciation vibe. If it wasn't for them you would have a lame 9-5 job (YUCK)

6. Have a secret fitness formula.

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