How To Start a Fitness Boot Camp Business

How to Start a Fitness Business the Easy Way – Sublease vs StandAlone?

Posted by on June 5, 2013 at 12:15 pm

You may have been in a bookstore recently and bought a cup of coffee from a famous name coffee shop while you were in there.  That coffee company has subleased space from the bookstore company. What a great idea, adding a complimentary business to an existing business.  People pop in for a latte and maybe buy a book – or the other way around.  There is an obvious advantage for both businesses.

Could you do this with a starting fitness business and what would be the advantages?

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How to Choose a Fitness Franchise Model

Posted by on May 23, 2013 at 2:38 pm

It’s important that before you go off and sign a franchise agreement with some random fitness franchise that you’ve been eyeballing, read the advice that this blog has to offer because it can save you from investing in a franchise that doesn’t have your personal interests at heart.

It’s been said that franchise businesses have a five times higher success rate than small private businesses because most people already know, like and trust franchises due to the marketing that they invest in their business. The lesson here? Franchises beat small businesses in terms of success rate.

Whether you’re looking to join a food franchise or start a fitness franchise, the success rate is a lot higher when you go the franchise route. The reason being that franchises usually start with their own locations to prove the concept, create the systems, and craft an operations process so that they can sell their model to people who are looking to open a small business.

The issue with most fitness franchises is that not all of them start off with a proof of concept. They will instead, go to market with just their idea of what the business should be without proving it. This is a huge red flag for personal trainers because if you’re looking for fitness business opportunities and the fitness franchise you’re looking into hasn’t taken the time to prove their business concept, then you’ll more than likely end up as a test subject and not a successful franchise owner.

That’s only one tip you should be aware of...

Here are some other things you should think about before taking the fitness franchise plunge.

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Checklist for Starting a Fitness Business

Posted by on May 12, 2013 at 10:40 pm

Planning is Essential

One of the biggest mistakes when starting any fitness business is lack of planning. I’ve seen many small businesses fail – and not just fitness businesses – because the owner hasn’t set aside enough capital, fails to market his business effectively, or simply doesn’t understand what’s involved with running a small business.

You’ve had (another) bad day and you regularly drive past a property that’s been for lease for a long time.  It’s perfect for a fitness business – you think – and next thing you know you’re meeting with a realtor who’s telling you all sorts of wonderful things about the place. The rent is affordable. You have the necessary month in advance and deposit, plus enough to turn on the utilities.

But have you got a business plan? Have you really got all the capital necessary for starting a fitness business? Can you honestly say you know exactly what you need to do to promote your business effectively and do you have the finances in place to sustain your lifestyle while you build your business? Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset, or are you just a dreamer?

It’s time to plan.

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How To Build The Perfect Website For Your Fitness Business

Posted by on March 12, 2013 at 2:24 pm

Building a website for your fitness business can be a daunting task if you’ve never done it before. Its actually a lot easier and cheaper today than it used to be before WordPress came along, but there are still so many things to remember and rules that must be followed to keep the search engines happy, especially Big Brother Google.

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Domain Name

Finding a good domain name these days is difficult but if you’re starting your own fitness business and you’re using your own name that can be a lot easier. Make sure your domain name is relevant and easy to remember, .com is still the extension to go for.

Choosing a Host

You’ll need a host with great customer service 24/7 and one with a good reputation with secure servers, backup and minimal downtime. (more…)

Trends in the Fitness Industry and Why They are Important to Your Fitness Business

Posted by on January 12, 2013 at 11:07 am

This is a guest post by Fit Body Boot Camp co-founder Bedros Keuilian.

Enter Bedros...

I’ve been coaching and offering consultation to fitness professionals for well over a decade and I wanted to share an abbreviated version of an email I recently sent out to my subscribers titled the Official Annual State of the Industry Report which could also be called a Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise Review.

I didn’t expect the enormous response I got but it was good to know so many people in this industry are eager to understand which way the business is headed. My Report is all based on careful research and facts, and anybody who knows me personally will tell you I put my best efforts into everything I do.


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Five Big Mistakes to Avoid when Starting a Personal Training Business

Posted by on November 20, 2012 at 4:37 pm

1. Not Finding your Niche

If you look at the number of potential clients that live within your area, you may be overwhelmed. You might be asking - How do I market to everyone? How can I appeal to the overweight teenager, the mom that’s just had a kid, seniors that need very specialized help and athletes that need intensive sport-specific fitness training?

The answer is that as a fitness trainer you can’t be all things to all people.  You should specialize in and concentrate on developing a fitness business doing what you love doing.  If you hate noisy, overweight, soda-guzzling, fast-food eating teenagers, let someone else deal with them.

Conduct extensive market research before you decide on your niche.  Look at local demographics, and then see how many other local fitness trainers are offering the same services as you’re hoping to offer. Can you offer a superior service or fill a niche that has yet to be exploited?

Find out what extra certification you might need, sign up for the classes and focus.

Marketing will also be considerably easier if you choose a specific niche. Then you can concentrate all your efforts on becoming the go-to person in your particular field.

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Should you consider starting a Fitness Boot Camp Business?

Posted by on November 11, 2012 at 10:11 pm

You’re good at what you do, let’s face it. You know a lot about the Fitness Business.

You regularly, if not daily, put in hours of extra work that adds to your own knowledge about nutrition for example, and you investigate the latest techniques for helping your clients achieve their own personal fitness or weight loss goals.

Not to mention maintaining your blog or website and dealing with offline and online marketing to boost your client base.  You don’t have a minute to spare.

In order to walk the walk, you also spend hours trying to stick to your own fitness goals. You’re a human billboard for what you do after all, and it’s vitally important to maintain that image.

Are you running your business, or is your PT business running you?

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Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise Review

Posted by on October 12, 2012 at 3:15 pm

An in depth review of the fastest growing Fitness Boot Camp Franchise in the world.

If starting a fitness business, namely a BOOT CAMP, is an idea that has been swimming around in your head for some time, chances are you have done at least a little research on the subject. If you have then surely one of the things that got you excited was the amount of money one can make in this industry. It is very doable to create a boot camp business that grosses multi 6 figures and not unheard of to break the 7 figure barrier, all while working MUCH less than 40 hours per week and often with very little overhead.

Check out Fit Body Boot Camp Reviews from FBBC Owners

But…doing it alone can be risky and costly. Many fitness entrepreneurs find out a little too late that their research simply wasn’t complete and the roadblocks they ran into coupled with expenses they never prepared for often find them shutting their doors before their business even begins to turn a profit. This is where partnering with a fitness boot camp franchise can help make all the difference in the world.

A franchise is like buying a business in a box. You are purchasing a proven, profitable business model that will GREATLY enhance your chances for success. Follow the plan that is laid out and it is likely that you will succeed. Fit Body Boot Camp offers entrepreneurs like yourself just such an opportunity. Let’s take an in depth look into just what the FBBC franchise opportunity includes and try to answer any questions you may have.

What’s In a Name?

Ok, so maybe JOE’S BOOTCAMP isn’t such a bad name (especially if you’re Joe) or maybe even something like FAT KILLER BOOT CAMP if you want to go with something in your face…many would argue that the name of your business isn’t even all that important…EXCEPT that is if you start out of the gate with a name that already has some clout.

Fit Body Boot Camp franchise is a proven model and the name is respect all over the WORLD. It has become synonymous with a boot camp model that GETS RESULTS and is run as an incredibly top notch program. Currently, there are hundreds FBBC franchises in existence and it is this market presence that gives you a TREMENDOUS EDGE when starting your business. It is likely that potential clients in your area have either heard of it or if they do a little GOOGLING, they will see that FBBC has been around and is THE premiere name in Boot Camps, bar none.

We Pretty Much Provide ALL of it FOR YOU…

When we say ALL OF IT, we mean it. From where to find and secure a location, to grabbing your first few clients, to locking in monthly members, developing fitness programs and so much more, here’s just a short list of the information and systems we make available to you as a FBBC Franchise Owner:

  • Exactly how to secure your first location, lock in a deal, and get ready for your first clients
  • Exactly what to charge your members and how to lock them in to paying, long term memberships
  • Exactly what types of fitness programs to offer your clients to ensure maximum results (which will lead to their staying with you and referring their friends and family!)
  • Exactly how to run fitness promotions and contests your members will LOVE and that will garner local press and promotion
  • Exactly how to hire the RIGHT trainers so that your boot camp members remain happy and you gain precious leveraged time
  • Exactly what kind of insurance you will need, where to get it, and how much you should pay
  • And pretty much everything else in between

And while much of the FBBC system is a “blueprint” for success, there’s a whole other level of services we provide that are DONE FOR YOU. Forget trial and error, we have turn-key marketing in place that will drive clients directly to your boot camp location…

  • WE provide a highly converting website-a website is worthless if it doesn’t ensure that visitors that see it eventually become paying members. The site we provide you will take care of that for you.
  • WE make sure your site gets traffic with a comprehensive and proven SEO campaign-It also goes to reason that a website that doesn’t get any visitors is worthless no matter how converting it is if no one sees it. Our SEO program will optimize your site for up to 20 highly searched keywords and keyword phrases. Put simply, your local prospects WILL find you online.
  • WE provide a multitude of DONE FOR YOU marketing-postcards, letters, newspapers ads, all designed and done for you, just waiting for your address to be added. These pieces have all been proven to deliver results and they are your for use as an FBBC Franchisee.
  • WE get on the phone with you personally to answer all of your questionswhenever you have them-Sometimes, it’s just good to be able to talk to someone who has all the answers…to quell you fears, to talk you through each step of your business to ensure your success. Our team will do just that. This is YOUR business, but WE consider ourselves a part of the team and we will do everything in our power to help make sure you reach the levels of success you have always dreamed of.

Sounds Great, but How Much?

The next obvious question is, how much is a FBBC franchise?

$9997 upfront, and $497/month (and oftentimes the upfront payment can be split at now extra cost)

One thing we have done that sets us apart from the industry, and most franchises in general, is to create a pricing structure that is more than affordable for anyone wishing to go into business for themselves and get rid of % fees that can be HUGE.

Most franchises charge you a percentage of your gross income, we do not. For instance, if your business were to gross $20,000/month (VERY doable!) then a common franchise fee of 6% would mean you would be cutting a check for $1200. As you become more successful, your franchise fee continues to climb…but not with us. $497 per month is it.

No hidden fees, your payment will be the same each and every month while we continue to provide you with the same proven systems and support that will help your income grow and grow and grow!

To put this into perspective…the SEO services we provide just to get your site tons of traffic ALONE is worth more than $497 per month, and if you go it alone, you will quickly find that one out for yourself. Factor in everything else we provide and you will see that you will save THOUSANDS of dollars per month by going with an FBBC franchise vs. going it alone.

You may have heard this before, but the actual cost of DOING something (if it is quality and worthwhile) is oftentimes less than the cost of NOT doing it. How much will you spend if you try to handle your fitness boot camp alone?

How much TIME will you spend? How about how many MISTAKES will you make along the way? The final question to answer for yourself is…how much money will you make if you do everything yourself?

Well, we can certainly tell you how much our franchisees make (and yes, they will be the ones to tell you themselves!) The choice is yours, but if you are serious about securing your future with a fantastically profitable fitness boot camp, FBBC is here to tell you we will help you through each and every step of the process

Go ahead and fill out an inquiry form today. No spot is guaranteed and you will have to qualify, but if you do, and you are ready to make serious money and have serious fun while owning your own Fit Body Boot Camp, this may be the best decision you ever made in your life!

Why To Start Your Own Fitness Business

Posted by on October 8, 2012 at 4:41 pm

There are only two legitimate reasons why a personal trainer would work for someone else instead of starting a fitness business of their own: to learn the ropes, or because he’s affraid of the responsibility and commitment required to start his own business. I know it’s not because he’s lazy!

However much you like the person you work for, he’s making money from the sweat of your brow.  Chances are you’re not too happy with what you earn, but hey, he has all the headaches of paying bills, rent, salaries and advertising expenses and going through the process of attracting and retaining clients.

But some of the clients only see you. They ask for your services personally. They’ve hardly ever seen your boss. He spends a lot of time developing other business ideas or playing golf, and he’s often away with his family taking trips to places you can only dream of visiting.

You run two of his weekly Boot Camps. A total of 75 people paying how much each? And you get paid what for doing that? Now that simple calculation has quite possibly stimulated some of your entrepreneurial spirit. (more…)