Fitness Boot Camp Nightmare

p31-1Dude, the first boot camp I ever opened sucked hairy goat balls.

I remember it like it was yesterday... It was the day before Christmas Eve, I woke up at 4:30am and it was POURING RAIN and FREEZING COLD...

(Maybe not for the rest of the country but freezing for Cali lol)

Two girls showed up so I said what the hell... And made them workout in the rain.

Good times

The next few days were cold, wet and muddy...

Oh wait a minute... I just remembered I have video of it.

Check it out



So, after accidentally stumbling upon a boot camp GOLDMINE, Bedros "Multiple 7-Figure Income Streams" Keuilian and I created PROJECT X, which was finally unveiled at the FBS09... And if you were there then you know it was FRIGGIN CRAZY!

Oh ya, in case you still don't know... It's the greatest boot camp BUSINESS model on the planet... Fit Body Boot Camp.

The reason I say business model, is because unlike those other boot camps, this model was designed to be duplicated and replicated all the way up to seven figures.

The coolest part about the Fit Body Boot Camp model is that it comes complete with over 10 different done-for-you boot camp marketing systems to put you on pace to be making six-figure and opening location number 2 within just 60 days.

Here's a spread sheet of what happened in 59 days after using one of my six-figure boot camp marketing systems (Which didn't cost a dime BTW)


p31-7We only released a very limited number of Fit Body Boot Camps at FBS09 and will not be releasing any more for the next 60 to 90 days.

In fact, the only reason we released 30 of them, was to showcase 30 live case studies for the world to watch how fast these charter members can be on pace for 6-figures and be ready to open location 2 in just 60 days.

Sorry, you can't get secure your geographical location just yet.

However, I am releasing two Mentorship spots where can you get coached 1 on 1 by me for an entire year...

My coaching program includes, no-holds-barred, ALL my boot camp and group training marketing systems, and tactics, seo secrets... FRIGGIN EVERYTHING!

p31-8Infact, one 15 minute conversation with me made Chris McCombs $106,324.22

But I am only looking for ACTION TAKERS and GO GETTERS who are 100% committed to achieving high multiple 6-figure income streams with their group training and boot camps.

The two spots I have open for 12 months of personal mentoring with me is $2997.

Next week it's going up to $3997.

And since your gonna make 50 to 100X's your investment, I think it's a hell of a bargain.


Here's what you do next...

Email me at and tell my why you would be a KICK ASS mentorship client who is a MASSIVE ACTION TAKER and will not let anything stand in your way from living your dream!

Thank you so much for all the support and success stories from all the readers who I met at FBS09.

I truly appreciate you.


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